Friday 4 October 2013

30 postcards to myself: Week 3 of LSNED

Hello you.

Ooh ... it's been quite quiet around here lately ... I've had some very welcome feedback on Going Postal so far - thank you! - but I have been wondering if everyone's completely sick of postal themed 'stuff'... or else if I've made a mistake by launching this series in Autumn ... but, if it's OK with you ...

... I'm going to blithely convince myself that you're all just busy thinking up something post related to share soon and that's why no one's around.

[Anyone who read my Push-Up Bra Blogging series - especially the Kenny Rogers Approach - will understand that I'm merrily aware of the ups + downs of blogging ... so, have no fear ... I'll survive, I won't take it personally I'll just install a stiff upper lip and carry on regardless!]

So in the spirit of keeping-calm-and-blogging-on here's the next set of 7 of my 30 Postcards to Myself ...


September 15th 2013:
My story of my rambling brambling adventures was meant to be my 'Simply A Moment' moment this month, but, alas, amid hours of blogging for Going Postal ... I couldn't find time to squeeze it in.  Instead I incorporated it into my September Month in Numbers earlier this week because, seeing as how it [almost] involved Spiderman ... it was a tale worth telling. ;-)

September 16th 2013:
Maybe I didn't 'learn' this fact for the very first time that day ... but I was certainly reminded of it then. He'd told me about his work trip before and just hadn't reminded me of it since. And, naturally, I forgot all about it!

September 17th 2013:
See above! On my own for over 24 hours [a rare experience for me] the evening felt longer ... but I put that time to good use and got on top of some crafty projects while watching Jonny Lee Miller and Bradley Cooper on TV. [Good job I got those things the right way round ...].

September 18th 2013:

September 19th 2013:
I struggled to encapsulate the events of this day into a clear lesson that didn't sound negative ... and eventually I landed on this. I'm not easily taken aback but what I learned about someone [no one close, don't worry!] actually, genuinely stunned me:

September 20th 2013:
September 21st 2013:
Let me explain ...
... as James returned from buying a car-parking ticket at the library he muttered to me 'Don't turn round too quickly, but that man at the machine is dressed strangely'. So I peeked in the wing mirrors and that's when it came back to me: the library was hosting a Star Wars day ... and I'd forgotten ... and planned to spend a morning browsing the shelves in peace. 
And so ... after making our way in, past Princess Leia, Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper, and entering the library to the strains of the Imperial March, I discovered that all of the fiction shelves had been pushed aside to make way for assorted Jedi etc. And I just couldn't get in to browse for something new to read.
Clearly the Rebel Alliance aren't big Lit Fic fans ...
See you tomorrow with another posty-themed post.
Julie :-)

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  1. These postcards look so attractive and a great way to recod something every day - you have such a variety here. I am sorry that having been away I have not been able to contribute to your lovely series yet but hope to remedy that this weekend :). Look forward to seeing you when you get back!

  2. Your album is looking fabulous Julie - I am working on creating mine - as I just made notes this year to collate into an album. I do hope to post parts of it soon. I have "gone postal" though - my first entry is Jen x

  3. It does seem very quiet in the blog world at the moment. I have a couple of projects to get out of the way and then I'd love to Go Postal if I this theme

  4. I really LOVE this theme! I have really been enjoying the posts.

  5. I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and i wanted to say that your LSNED approach is GENIUS! I love the idea, the concept and the execution! Even though I have nothing postal to share this time around i am still a fan of anything post elated AND of your series :) Thank you for always being a great inspiration!

  6. I too have something in the pipeline. It is photographef just need to blog it! Love all your cute little postcard lessons. x


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