Tuesday 1 October 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: Communal Count #4 - October

Hello you.

Welcome to a brand new month and a brand new set of prompts to encourage you to join in the Communal Count element of My Month in Numbers!

If you're visiting after reading my Month in Numbers tutorial today over on shimelle.com then welcome, welcome, come on in ...
And if you haven't read my tutorial over at shimelle.com today ... then do hop over there to see the scrapbook layout I've used as a way to illustrate my number-collecting tips. Here's a sneak peek to tempt you to click:
Now lets look ahead into to this shiny new month and see which numbers we should be turning our attention to during October:  
As we're right in the middle of  my Going Postal series you might have guessed I'd squeeze a posty-themed prompt in there this month! Plus, being British I'm obliged, by birth, to enable discussions about the weather at every opportunity!
Right then I'll leave you to it ... you can go and grab that notebook to keep close-by your letterbox to tally-up your addressed mail ... and don't forget to pop in and visit me at Shimelle's.
Julie :-)
As usual ...
  • you're welcome to respond to both, either or neither prompts it really is entirely up to you
  • you're welcome to interpret them however you like

  • If you don't usually join in with My Month in Numbers because you don't want to create a full length blog post ...
    •  at the end of October you're welcome to join in with just your responses to these shorter questions 
    • you can do this in a blog post / an Instagram / a tweet / OR simply in a comment on my October Month in Numbers post 
    • OR ... join in with your response on my Facebook page
    • OR ... any other creative way I haven't thought of!
    • then - if it's 'pinnable' I'll pin it to the My Month in Numbers Pinterest board.
    You can then check back at the end of the month [and into November] to compare notes with the others who've joined in, and once again we can see how we're similar ... and where we're a million miles apart!

    If you'd like to share the question on your own blog / social media so your friends and readers can join you - then you're welcome to. You can simply save and use the image above [all my details are on there so you don't really need to link anything up].


    1. Beautiful page over at Shimelle's today Julie. Bet she knew she could "count" on you to come up with something good. Sorry, that was awful..:)

    2. Loved reading your contribution to Shimelle.com today Julie. Beautiful page you shred too. J x

    3. Fab LO Julie, post and weather for October huh?! How terribly British ;) we Aussies expect postcards to take weeks to arrive and our weather consists entirely of clear blue skies! I shall enjoy the count :)

    4. Now b) is definitely something I will be able to join in on :). And if it were a competition for the worst/coldest/wettest I bet you and me would be in first place :). I love your photo here, and am off to see what you've been doing at Shimelle's ..

    5. Here is my month in numbers - better late than never.



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