Tuesday, 8 October 2013

52 Weeks of Photos: Weeks 1 - 4

Hey, hey. How's things today?

You know how I told you all my best tips about organising an on-going project a few weeks back?

Well today you can call me a hypocrite if you like because, for my latest project '52 Weeks of Photos' ... I'm not exactly following all those rules!

For example:
  • I'm not selecting all my supplies in advance ... because how bored would I get with that? 52 weeks worth of creative decisions already made for me?
  • And I'm not creating any pages in advance either ... because I've thought of another fun way to keep myself happily scrapping in the same format for a whole year ... but more of that soon ...
Firstly - let me quickly tell you about the '52 Weeks of Photos' project - it's something the 3DJean Design Team are playing along with as we're all rather fond of a list and of scrapbooking ... so anywhere the two meet is just fine with us. And you're welcome to join us - there's no fixed start or end date - just a list of 52 items to photograph, one per week until you're done, in any order you like!

Oh, all except that we've all taken a self-portrait as our first instalment - and we'll be doing the same 52 weeks later for our final one. And here's mine:
As for what I'm planning to do to keep things interesting for 52 weeks ...
  • I've decided to, wherever possible, use up my old alpha and number stickers BUT also ...
  • make good use of my most recent supplies on my pages in this album [which consists of 6x8 split page protectors].
  • Not because I only like new stash [you know how I'm fond of vintage papers!] but because I want to put any new supplies - papers in particular - to full use straight away ... while I still love them. While they're still my favourites!
  • This way at the end of the year, alongside 52 photos illustrating my life over that time scale, I'll also have a record of how [or if] my crafty-tastes changed too!
I think I'd had this Shimmerz Texturez paint [part of my 3DJean Design Team goodies last month] for less than hour before I put it to work on this page:
For more details on the Shimmerz products I've used on these pages visit my 3DJean DT post today.
But, amid all the newness ... I decided to introduce a couple of recurring features to give some continuity to the 52 individual 6"x4" pages and so you'll find:
  • a snippet of camera patterned paper [see above] tucked in somewhere from time to time, plus ...
  • the occasional appearance of something zebra-ish or animal print-y in general [below]:
 As I hope this page shows, while I'm going to be taking my photographic prompts from the list of 52 Weeks of Photos page on the 3DJean blog ... I'm still going to be looking for ways in which the list can help me document my year [rather than me ending up simply documenting the list - if you know what I mean?].
So, I browse the list and try to find the best fit, each week, that will help me tell the story of what was happening in my life when I was playing along with this list! Like when I had 100 padded envelopes delivered ... and captured them on camera half an hour later:

Or when I was commissioned [by someone whose work I greatly admire] to create a collage and I documented a close-up of my finished piece before posting it off:

So what do you reckon? Something you'd like to try out too?
  • if you're looking for something regular and no-pressure to join in with;
  • something that will get you not only taking photos BUT printing and scrapbooking them;
  • something which could be as 'bite-sized' or grand as you care to make it; 
  • then you're welcome to join in too - check out the list of 52 Weeks of Photos here.
I'm sure I'll share my pages from time to time here and over on the 3DJean blog too.

Right, I'll leave you to think about it, and  it's back to Going Postal tomorrow ... so I'll see you then.

Julie :-)


  1. this looks like something fun. Might well try it. Also wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. Recently found you, and you have encouraged me to dive into my stash of "bits" that I was saving for "one day" (bought at least 6 years ago) to get me back into scrapping after a very long break.

  2. I have an idea for a project around these prompts, Thanks Julie. I'll let you know if it comes to anything!

  3. I'm gearing up to do a December Daily album!

  4. I do like these mini layouts and can just see how it would work - it could fit into a Project Life page too ...


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