Wednesday 24 December 2008

I'll show you mine ...[RAK Draw]

From notes on paper
Hello and a very Merry Christmas to you.

These brown paper packages tied up with string are my presents for tomorrow from James.

Under the influence of my use of kraft paper to wrap many of my gifts this year, he spotted some brown paper [which had actually been the packing material inside a box of my BoB prizes which where delivered this week] and claimed it for his gift-wrap-of choice.

Then, in his search for a ribbon substitute he found some green garden string in the greenhouse and voila the 'rustic Sound of Music' [as he's named his creation] was born!!!

So, now I've shown you mine...I'll give you yours... Seeing as how he's already in 'Santa' mode I got James to draw the winner of my mini-book RAK. As promised all the names went into my hat and as you can see above he drew out {Emma} as the winner.

ETA: James put it in the post to you on Saturday Emma. I hope you enjoy filling it and you know you MUST show me what you do, when you do. :)

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  1. How exciting, I can't wait to fill it full of wonderful goodness and blog it for the whole world to see!!!

    Emma XXX


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