Tuesday 27 January 2009

Randomness cannot lie.

My friend Emma tagged me on her blog to take up a photo challenge someone had set her, this is how she described it:
"Ok so here's how it works. You go to folder number 6 within your Photos on your computer and post the 6th photo in it."

It all sounded simple enough until I opened my 'Pictures' folder and found that the 6th one was filled with photos of my friend Brass's little boy and, as equisitely adorable as Little S was in his pirate costume at Halloween, I really don't think she or Mr. Brass would've been happy with me blogging his photo.

So I counted down another 6 folders and the 6th picture was this:
It's a photo of a tomato that I cut into a few months ago which I reckoned seemed to be looking at me. I took a photo of it so I could add it to the very sweet and funny Flickr group 'Faces in Places', a group where you can upload pictures of errrr ...faces... in like, errr...places. Get it?

So, on the hunt for a less weird photo to blog, a photo which might make me appear less odd I went to my newly re-arranged and recently-upgraded-to-'Pro' Flickr account [it's not just me who loves how you can have lots of lovely, organised sets and collections on a pro-account is it?] and I counted down to the 6th photo of the 6th set [isn't that how the Apocalypse begins in the Book of Revelation?] and this is what I found there:

It's a photo James crept up on me to take, while I was standing on our dining table trying to see in the wall mounted mirror what my stripey socks looked like with my new stripey Vans.

I don't really feel that this image quite fulfilled that 'less odd' criteria though did it? So I've given up searching and decided to go with it. So, what did we learn from this random number photo hunting adventure?

Well, I learned that there's no getting away from the real 'you'. You can wear your fancy new silk dresses and make layouts about thinking like a Queen all you want .... but at the end of the day, deep down, at the core, there's no hiding from the fact that you're really just a girl who takes portraits of suspicious looking fruit and who climbs on furniture like a mountain goat with style issues.

Get used to it.



  1. Lol! Hands up..i admit, im a lover of flickr and how you can arrange photos into lots of differant catergories!!!(mind you..i must have a good re-organise there!)
    Fabby layout..and i LOVE the socks!
    Funnily enough, i wasnt surprised to see a photo oof a tomatoe!!!
    Well done on the guest designer spot for the creative type!..Im looking forward to giving this one a go:)

  2. Great to see you again on the Creative Type Julie
    The Gauche kit looks very interesting-and I love your process!

  3. Love those Vans Julie and yay for The Creative Type, go you!!

  4. Awwww a face in a tomato. Honestly, I wasn't that surprise. So what does that say? That I expect a certain amount of quirkyness from you or that I'm so quirky myself I think random photos are normal?

    And fabulous LO's and how ace are those socks?

  5. I love you just the way you arrrrrrre! Okay, enough with the Billy Joel impersonation... I LOVE this layout! And I love your tomato face! And I love your blog.

    Maybe I should stop now.

  6. Mirror, mirror on the wall, those socks are very cool and do, in fact, look marvellous with the Vans. :-]

  7. Wonderful LO and tomato photo (and thanks for the link, as I had no idea something like this existed!). What I love most is your conclusion! x alexa

  8. Hi there! I got tagged with the same this week. I love the photo you pulled out of your folder (second time around) Mine was OK as soon as I opened it... lucky me! First time I visit your blog (through the creative type) but I intend on doing that again, love your blog AND your work!

  9. Julie, this is fantastic! I enjoy every project you do!

  10. what ever next ...dancing potatoes?...climbing on the t.v. so you can say you were on Oprah? ......You're on a slippery slope my girl!

  11. Umm, words fail me... they really do! But I suppose i shouldn't be surprised!


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