Friday 30 January 2009

A 'Premier' embarrassment

You've more than likely gathered by now that I like clothes and fashion? Am I right? Thought so.

What was it that gave it away? Was it that my previous post included a layout about the lengths [or rather heights] I'd go to to check out my accessories in a mirror? Or was it the post before that where I scrapped a photo of myself in a shiny new dress? Or maybe even my recent Project of the Day on the Banana Frog blog which starred some of my shoes and bags? Or even the .... oh, I've done far too many to list them here and a mere skim through my back catalogue [back scrapbook?]will demonstrate my fondness for all things fashion related.

As a little girl, when I wasn't dressing myself [I was a precocious co-ordinator and accessoriser] I was dressing my legion of beloved dolls. Some days my sister and I would spend hours dressing each and every one of our Barbies, Sindys and Kens with a particular occasion in mind ie: a grand wedding, which would undoubtedly be disrupted by an angry, wronged Pippa doll!! Sometimes the wardrobe duties would take so long, by the time all the dolls were suitably attired, we'd lost interest in even the most lascivious of storylines. I also remember experimenting with makeshift kimono-esque creations for my Cabbage Patch dolls using hand towels and safety pins - eat your heart out Issey Miyake!!

So, really, I've always liked experimenting with my clothes: from wanting to only wear mint green for a season in the mid 80s, to wearing a white cotton nightie over a black T-shirt to a nightclub in the early 90s. And I've often thought that my scrapping was basically an extension of the same area of creativitiy, in both of them I love to multi-layer, to add texture with accessories / embellishments and to make interesting and unusual colour combinations ... which reminds me....

Did I ever tell you about the time before Christmas when we stayed overnight in a hotel? The time when we were only going to be away for a night and the following day so we only took one change of clothes? The time when I carefully chose an interesting outfit to take with me, one which I'd never put together before? The time when wearing head to toe purple and yellow seemed bright, jolly and festive and unique? The time where it wasn't until we were unpacking in our room that I realised the only outfit I'd brough with me matched the corporate colours of the hotel chain exactly? The colours which where everywhere, from their reception area, along all the carpets throughout the restaurant bar and even the bedspreads????

Did I ever tell you about that time? No? Good! Because I'd be too embarrassed if I thought you all knew about that.


  1. Did they give you a discount?!
    Have to say i'm utterly unfashionable- if it's clean, I'll wear it! but I don't think I've ever had a fashion faux pas like that!

  2. This hotel is wearing the same dress as me!! ;)

  3. So glad you didn't mention it because otherwise I would've spurted coffee all over my desk!


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