Friday, 23 October 2009

If you'll allow me ....

... a little self-indulgence ....

Since hearing the news that following the upcoming issue Scrapbook Inspirations magazine is to cease publication [and therefore my Design Team role has ended] I've been trying to stay positive despite being totally floored by it.

All week, flickering away in my head, have been the words I wrote for my introduction to my dissertation eight years ago I thought I'd literally dust them off [my English dissertation lives in a dusty box file on top of my cupboards!!] and share:
"...accepting an ending does not necessarily come readily to the human mind; more often it avoids dwelling on the ends of experiences. Collectively, we formulate evasion strategies to cope with life's inevitable conclusions. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life". "When one door closes another opens" not forgetting "it's not the end of the world" are all examples of idioms regularly employed to console those experiencing the end of something. Each one promising the existence of something beyond what looked like an ending; replacing the bleak, mournful, even self-pitying thoughts instigated by the end of a relationship, career or dream with those of regeneration, opportunity and the resilience of the human spirit. [...]"
At the moment those words give a general idea of what's running through my brain.
What they don't express is my gratitude to Rosie, Shimelle and Cara for giving a girl who wanted it so badly - the chance to prove herself - to herself - if no one else.

Thank you ladies.

Thank you very much.

J x


  1. Gosh. I missed that newsflash.

  2. I'll put money on you being in print regularly at some point - you're too good not to be.

  3. Julie, you said it perfectly. I too was very excited about my new role on the design team, and am gutted at the news, more for the sense of loss I'll feel without my monthly SI than the end of my role on the team. Your words are beautiful, thank you for sharing that. Jo xx

  4. I felt for you as soon as I read the news ....

  5. I'm SO gutted by the news, for you and the rest of the talented SI team.. but I know you have a sparkling future in scrapbooking (and whatever other creative avenues you decide to explore!).. just know you have lots of fans and we all support you. all my very best wishes and a big hug..

    Sarah x x
    (looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas class)

  6. I too missed the newsflash. I'm so sorry for you Julie. You totally deserve to be worshipped by millions for your awesomness - and that day will surely come.

    In the meantime, I'll have to do x

  7. Gutted - didn't see that coming at all. On a positive note, SI is the reason I found found your blog, and the blogs of many other talented crafty ladies and I am really looking forward to your November class. x


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