Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Like Santa's elves ....

... over the next few weeks we're going to be busy making gifts in our workshops. These workshops to be exact:

Kirsty and I are so excited [and very proud] to be offering a series of online projects which will set you on your way to creating a beautiful hand-made Christmas .... and more.

Between us we've created 12 projects which we'll share with you with full step-by-step instructions ... but then that's only the beginning. We've adapted each basic idea and created alternative versions to suit different people, different occasions or different skill levels [eg. for men, for teenagers, a quick version etc etc].

The main projects will appear on a password protected blog during the 12 weekdays between Nov 5-20 and the weekends will be filled with additional mini-projects, fun extras, printable downloads, and general crafty chatter.

If it's something you think you'd enjoy ...please consider joining Kirsty and I. We'd genuinely love to see you there. [For full details hop over to Copy+Paste].

The whole process of putting a class together began in August with two little words: "Should we?". And look Miss K ....

....... we did!

J x

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