Tuesday 1 December 2009

Promo ho.

There now follows a broadcast blatantly pointing you in the direction of stuff I've been doing!

[a] I made this:

Let it Grow
[b] For these: Gauche Alchemy.
[c] Then blogged about it here.

(1) Next, I made this:

Another retro LO

(2)For these: Crafty Templates.
(3)Then blogged about it here.

And while I'm in a shamelessly promotional frame of mind:

[a] I've been watching this: Cast Offs [Channel 4 Tues + Wed.]
[b] From these: Jack Thorne, Alex Bulmer and Tony Roche.
[c] And quite apart from the fact that I know Jack, I can honestly, objectively, tell you it's a great series and you should try catch the next episodes tonight and tomorrow night after 11pm.

Give it a watch if you think it's your sort of thing. In fact, give it a go even if you think it's not your sort of thing.

Especially if you think it's not your sort of thing! [If like me you're one of the non-insomniacs of this world ... you can catch it here on 4OD later.]

End of commercial break. please stay in your seats. Normal service will resume soon.



  1. Saw them all, loved them all.
    Especially Cast Offs. Was good to see people with disabilities acting. Perhaps they could do something on people with mental health problems that doesn't involve them attacking/killing other people. That'd be even more novel :)
    (climbs off soap box, puts occupational therapist hat away and hopes Julie might suggest it to her mate!)

  2. Yes, it would have to be 4OD for me. Why does it have to be on so late? I like the pic of you and your Dad!

  3. I'm going to watch them all on 4od. It's been on my 'to-watch' list - but I like to be able to sit down and watch them all in one go! Preferably tucked up in bed!


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