Monday 14 December 2009

Season's greetings

Hi there. How're you today?

Did it ever get light outside where you are? It didn't here. Not really. However, somewhere during the several nano-seconds between the dark dingy light of this morning and the mists and setting sun of the afternoon I did manage to snap a few photos of the Christmas cards I made at the weekend.

They're quite minimal as I didn't want to over-shadow the leaf design stamp which I bought from Make Your Mark in York last week. I added lettering using various colours of 'Tiny' Adornit and Making Memories alphas.

Then, on the cards which are plainer still, I simply stamped diractly onto the card base and stamped my wording with Studio G alpha stamps.

The majority of the inks I've used come from one of my favourite ranges at the moment: Dew Drops 'Memento' Dye Inks of which I'm gradually building up a collection. They pander right to the core of my colour-obsessed side, not only do they some in a really interesting spectrum of colurs, the've got such evocative names such as: 'Paris Dusk'; 'Summer Sky', 'Rose Bud'; 'Pear Tart' and 'Rhubarb Stalk' ... I mean really, how am I expected to resist?!

Oh and those inks also smell lovely too [don't look at me like that, I know for certain that I'm not the only craft-supplies-sniffer on the block!!]. In fact they smell exactly like a pack of scented felt tip pens I had when I was young. I swear!

OK, I think I'll leave it there before I let any other secrets out. I mean, before I know it I'll be letting it slip that there'll be a new Copy+Paste challenge up before the end of the week and also that PaperCraft Inspirations magazine have featured our 12 Days class in their latest issue.... errrr ... oops... try to forget what I've just said ...



  1. Ok if you admit to it I will too! My names Beki and I'm a stash sniffer! lol! Love those cards xxx

  2. oooh, simply stunning cards! wish i could do simple, mine always end up fiddly and over-complicated..

  3. Stazon... mmm. Ooh sorry, I mean "Lovely cards."
    Oh and Studio g alpha stamps are the dogs', as they say round here :)

  4. And I thought you said you didn't 'do' simple?! Just lovely ... x alexa

  5. Simply beautiful - those stamps are gorgeous, and I love that you've included just enough variety to make each version unique. :)

    And another hands-up here on the sniffing front. I have a particular fondness for the solvent-y scent of fresh post-it notes...


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