Sunday, 14 August 2011

Going Postal: Stamps as home-decor


I know I said this would be my last Going Postal post ... but I've decided to break up what I have left into 2 posts over today. So I'm just going to launch straight into this one ... It's an way for you to use up all those postage stamps you've been digging out of your supplies over the past month, or the ones you've treated yourself to since Going Postal began.

How about some stamp-rainbow-covered magazine files?

I made these around 10 years ago now ...
... using James's stamp collection to decorate the wooden files he keeps his hobby magazines in:

I can still remember the look on his face when I asked if I could use them ...

And because he has the patience of a saint didn't seriously collect stamps he just 'had' some, and because I'm annoying / persistant / like a dog with a bone a dedicated artiste ... he eventually got worn down saw the artistic merit in allowing me to use them!

Obviously [me being me] I arranged them all in colour order, gradually working my way around the boxes and through the colour spectrum:

I only used PVA glue on them and they've been perfectly durable over the years, they don't even have a top coat on them:

While I was taking the photos of them to show you ... I must admit that I felt a little queasy at seeing all those lovely stamps glued down ... and out of bounds for my itchy, paper-crafting fingers!  Yet ... I must tell myself what I told persuaded James with all those years ago ...

"Having them on display like this is surely so much better than them being left in a cupboard somewhere? ... Surely ....?"

Especially when there's one's as pretty as this:
And other as handsome as ...:

So, there's my postal themed home decor idea  for you [and a glimpse into my home life too!]. The idea itself is pretty simple really - you glue stamps on to a box.

The debating with yourself over whether you should have done it ... it slightly more complex ...


Even though the Going Postal project finishes today, I'd still like to see if you put any of your stamps to a home decor use too.

I'll be back later tonight with a round-up post, so I'll see you later.



  1. Love those magazine files Julie, I've really enjoyed your going postal posts, I've started saving stamps & all things postal related for my projects.

  2. Hi Julie, inpsired by your postal posts i hooked out my old stamps collection and had a field day going through them all.I've just posted a layout using some of the pretty stamps. Thanks for the inspiration i've throughly enjoyed your series :)

  3. Wow, they look great, so colourful! And much better than the stamps being stored away somewhere. I don't have enough stamps left now to copy you though! Good enough excuse to buy some more? X

  4. I love this! And I've really enjoyed all of the "going postal" posts. I love all things writing/postal related and there has been some fabulous inspiration in these posts!

  5. Even though I really like the look of these boxes I understand the conflict that they bring up.... In the end, I agree that they are better displayed on a shelf this way rather than in an collectors album that nobody wants to look at anyway! There are some seriously beautiful stamps on these!!!

  6. My dad has been a stamp collector all his life and I wonder what he would say about this :) I love what you have done, the colours are beautiful.

    Thanks for your comment and the pin :)

  7. What a great idea, love those.

  8. So cool! It's like mosaic with stamps . . . Stampsaic? (See also, Enveloperie).


  9. I'm definitely planning to sort my stamps into colours and use them somehow. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Love these. Off to dig out my old stamp collection!

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