Sunday, 21 August 2011

Overheard: Do mythical creatures sweat?


The trouble with me only working from home during the summer is that I don't get to hear, or rather overhear all those interesting snippets I so like to collect!

However ... I guess this means that when I do get out of the house, my ears are sharpened and ready for the listening. And here's the latest ...

The other week I was in a charity shop looking out for old tat treasures when I walked right into the middle of this ...

There were two young [early 20s] shop assistants chatting while arranging stock.

Shop Assistant 1 was chatting about how warm it was in the shop with Shop Assistant 2 who had several items of clothing tucked beneath her armpit [this fact will become relevant ... if unpalatable later].

Shop Assistant 1: "It's warm isn't it?"

Shop Assistant 2: "Yeah I'm sweating. Y'know, I used to say I was sweating like a P. A. G ...  [she spelled out the letters].

But then I realised that pig is spelled P. I. G. isn't it? 

Ha! I'd been saying I was sweating like a 'pag'! A pag!

A made-up an animal!"
My pig project which featured in Papercraft Inspirations Magazine.
She laughed.

Shop Assistant 1 laughed.

I made a Note to Self not to touch those clothes she'd had under her arm all this time ...  and which she was about to put out on the racks ...
Happy over-hearing.

Julie :-)

Overheard: Charity shop, 8th August 2011


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  1. I think I might be lost for words..

  2. Oh dear that spelling upsets the English teacher in me! Glad you didn't go for the underarm sweat drenched clothes - phew!


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