Sunday 15 January 2012

January 'Month in Numbers' reminder, plus a few vintage numbers

Hi, hi.

We're half-way through the month so it seemed a good a time as any to drop by to say that in another 15 or so days I'll be blogging my first 'Month in Numbers' post of 2012 ... and I know some of you will be doing the same.

So, in case you've forgotten to start saving your statistics for January, consider this a gentle reminder, one which I'll try to repeat on or around the 15th of each coming month.

  • If you're new here and you'd like to know more about on the whole Month in Numbers idea then you can click here where you can read the full details.
  • There's also a permanent link there to my tutorial looking at 'How To Record Your Month in Numbers' if oyu need a bit of inspiration to get you started.

The very next day after I blogged that tutorial back in December, I found this fabulous 1960s school book in a charity shop:

A more handsome, creative, amazing maths book I couldn't wish to find!

Its pages are ones which I won't be plundering for my vintage paper packs and it will live out its days on my 'Ones that got away' shelf. I aim to share more of its lovely pages with you each month, in my 15-day  Month in Numbers reminder posts.

I'm still thrilled at the coincidence of writing the tutorial one day - all about where to find your monthly numbers and how to record them - then discovering this gem 24 hours later!

 There couldn't have been a more appropriate book waiting for me to find it that day. I mean ... look ... this page could have been made for those of us scouring for statistics:
I hope it inspires you to keep spotting and jotting down your own numbers, I'll most likely be sharing mine on Tuesday 31st January - but you can join in any time at all.

I'm really looking forward to seeing who's playing along this year! I'll be back a little earlier than that though. Tomorrow in fact, when:
  • I'll be announcing the winner of my birthday giveaway; and ...
  • I'll have news of a special offer in my Etsy shop.
Until then then ...



  1. What a precious find! I love it and I am planning on playing along again this year! :)

  2. What a cute book to find! And thanks for reminding me...I've been seeing, dreaming and thinking of numbers, just have to get in the habit of writing them down! :D

  3. That's a great book, love the drawings.
    Thank you for the number reminder. I have been jotting ideas down in a notebook since I read your Notes on how to record monthly numbers. It's a really helpful list.

  4. What a glorious page you've shown us! The instructions are spot on: this is exactly what my three-year old grandson does all the time - he only seems to notice numbers. :) He'd play along any day - as I hope to!

  5. I've been busy jotting down numbers too. Great find.

  6. What a fantastic find! I declared myself as a participant for the year and linked to you in my Friday faves last week:o)

  7. I can understand your excitement, I'd be jumping up and down myself with such a wonderful find. Count me in (excuse the pun). I've not joined in before but I will be playing along with Month in Numbers.
    See you soon with my post!


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