Tuesday 31 January 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: January

Hello, hello. Welcome to the first Month in Numbers post of the New Year.

If you're planning on joining in this year, this month, today, as and when ... or whenever ... then hang around until I get to the bottom of this post for details on the method I've decided on for keeping track of your posts.

Until then, from largest to smallest here's my January in a numbered-nutshell:

2012 = The new year we rolled-over into 4 weeks ago. Not that I've gotten entirely used to writing the date yet.
Our first photo together of 2012. Taken a few minutes after midnight in our garden. [For the record, that look I'm doing is not 'moody and sultry' but rather 'I hope both of our heads are in shot here, because my arm won't stretch any further away.'] 
 As the year began I didn't blog, didn't make any life-changing decisions or declare any resolutions, intentions or goals ... I just let 2012 creep in quietly while I read and re-read The Radio Times from cover to cover, watched Jane Austen adaptations and found spaces in drawers for new jumpers.

400 = the number of yards on a full bobbin of button twine I invested in with a friend ...
Our other friends ordered a reel each, but Jan and I decided to share one between us. Which seemed like a good idea at the time.

Then it arrived and we were faced with the insane logistical task of sharing it out. I mean, how were we going to do this? Unwind it all, find halfway, and then cut it into 2? Wind it directly on to another bobbin ... but how would we count out exactly 200 yards?

We didn't know, so we came up with a compromise: shared custody. As long as I remember to bring it with me every time we meet up she's going to take 10 yards off at a time, until she collects her full 200 yards!!

I've told her, that that means we have to continue to like each other until we meet up at least 19 more times ... otherwise we might have to face a button twine custody battle ... and nobody wants that. ;-)

Jan - this one's for you:

300 =  the number of tiny pieces I fitted together in the teeny tiny jigsaw my parents bought James for Christmas.

That 'WARNING' should also have included: "Be careful you don't lose the South Pole down the cushions of the sofa."

365 days worth = the amount of toilet paper James returned home with after a trip to the shops:

[And to the eagle-eyed amongst you, yes, that is indeed approximately a year's supply of toothpaste in the background too!]

I'll spare you the details of how I worked out that 36 rolls will probably last us a year, but barring any unforseen incidents ... it realy is likely to be 2013 before I need to buy any more. And I'm sure there's a calculation to be done somewhere with those 'Three layers of velvety softness' too ...

Considering that this is the amount he brought home after all I'd said to him was: "We need some toilet roll" [Note the word 'some'!] I'm now wondering how far it would get me if I told him that I needed some new clothes or patterned paper ... I'll let you know how I get on.

14 = the number of items sent to Papercraft Inspirations for publication in the coming months. I also sent articles to 4 additional magazines too. My teenage self, who was somewhat besotted with and in awe of magazines, would have been so happy for me. And more than a bit stunned.
11 = the title of the book I'm currently reading by comedian Mark Watson:
And there's actually another Mark Watson related number I learned this month. 2 = the number of years in a row his nearest live stand-up show dates have clashed with one of my crafting weekends away, meaning I can't go and see him again. If the same thing happens next year ... I'm giong to start taking it personally!

2 = visits to the osteopath wherein I spent my birthday money having a joint in my hip 'released' after damaging myself climbing up some stairs on my birthday!

What this 'release' actually involved was me laying down while a large man rolled me around on my side - quite near his groin - while he moved my leg.

Which, when I put it like that ... sounds more like a service he should have been paying me for doesn't it?


OK then, those are my facts and figures, now it's over to you ...

I've been debating which would be the best way to compile all the posts you share here and am going to try the method I use when I run my themed blog series: a Pinterest board.

It's loooking a bit empty at the moment but it won't look that way for long.

Here's how it'll work:
  • If you blog your own January Month in Numbers post, project or photograph, simply let me know in a comment on this post as usual.
  • Then I will visit your post and pin it to my board.
  • This way, anyone on Pinterest who is following the board will get to see when I add a new pin - which means you'll most likely get more visits to your post.
  • Plus - EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT ON PINTEREST - you will only have to follow one link - to the dedicated Month in Numbers board - and you'll be able to see everyone's posts in one place, making it much easier for you click through and visit them.
I think this is the best way to do it for now, so we'll see how it works. I can't wait to see the board filling up so start leaving your links as soon as your post is ready!

p.s: [Feel free to blog your Month in Numbers post at any time during the following month, it definitely doesn't have to be the last day of a month like mine.]


I'll be back tomorrow with an art journal page as part of my UKScrappers 'Art Journey' tutorial, plus details of my newest themed series 'A Month of Sunrays' ... so I'll see you very soon.

Julie :-)


  1. Hey Julie great post particularly love the sultry pose so glad you clarified that one... ;o)

    I joined in now that I am with new laptop so hope you get a chance to call by!

    Katy X

  2. Oops my link of course http://www.nanna-kate.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-month-in-numbers-january-2012.html

  3. My Month in Numbers has been posted and can be found here:

  4. Julie, that is a lot of article-ing! Fantastic. (And a lot of toilet roll. Why do blokes do that? And why is it only toilet roll bargains they are interested in?)

    I'm just doing my post now

  5. I'm in for January at least! Here you go!
    Reading through *your* month though I was a bit surprised to read that *you* had fitted the pieces together on *James'* jigsaw!!!

  6. Here's my post!http://scraphappens-dawn.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-month-in-numbers-january.html
    Love your intro photo. Going to give adding photos to my post a go next month.

  7. I've dipped my toe in and you can see my month in numbers here: http://suburbansahm.blogspot.com/2012/01/month-in-numbers-january.html
    Another amusing post, jammed packed with snippets of your life. I might not comment very often, but I am a regular reader.

  8. Joining in this month http://hearthearthhome.blogspot.com/2012/01/numbering-january.html
    and thank you for the opportunity.

    Really enjoyed your number counting, especially the bulk buys. You could have got your man to count the number of sheets in each roll x the number of rolls, now that would have been absurd!


  9. As always enjoyed your numbers - my hubby is good a bulk buying. Fortunately we shop online, so can also alter the amount! I've joined in this week http://craftypinpin.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-month-in-numbers.html

  10. Mine was up bright and early too: http://www.whoishannahbanana.blogspot.com/2012/01/januarys-month-in-numbers.html
    Thanks for 'pinning' us all, can't wait to read through everyone elses.

  11. ..... Surprise, mine's done!

  12. Great post Julie, my numbers are gathered - theres not very many nor are they very exciting but its a start! and I hope to do a layout at the weekend so I will link back here then

  13. An interesting array of numbers. I won't tell you how long 36 loo rolls would last in our house, but it's definitely not a year's supply!
    Looks like the counting bug is spreading :o)My numbers are here: http://fiona-staringatthesea.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-month-in-numbers-january-2012.html

  14. 36 rolls might last a few weeks in my house!
    Have played along for the very first time today - http://mrsbeee.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-month-in-numbers-january.html

  15. Loved to read your numbers post as usual - I like the idea of a twine custody battle - I can see one at each end tugging like mad :)

  16. A powercut tried to interfere with me posting but I'm in & it's up :D
    Great numbers this month Julie.
    C xx

  17. my first 'month in numbers' - loved the process and will do it again, thanks


  18. mines up ....layout to follow.

    Great numbers Julie - you made me smile!

  19. sorry Julie forgot to post link


  20. I've joined in :)

    I love your numbers. The toilet roll is great, where on earth will you store it?

    Thanks, Julie

  21. Just added mine too Julie - this will keep you busy linking everyone up. Have fun x

  22. Hi Julie thanks for the kind comments. I did want to add the photos but I didn't get round to it. This will give me the impetus to perhaps sort the photoshop template out and operate it :) I will indeed come back if I manage it :)

  23. ooh, yay for all the new people!

    Here's mine: http://jennifersjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/01/january-in-numbers.html

    Love the fact you've got a shared custody bobbin and the problems it caused! x

  24. A fun read as always! And believe me 36 rolls do not cover us for the year in this household! Congrats on all the submissions!
    Here are my numbers:

    Of to check out the Pinterest board (great idea BTW!)

  25. I always take a while to get used to writing the correct year as it changes over. Will have to keep an eye out for the teeny tiny jigsaw, we love jigsaws at our place.

    I have posted my month in numbers:


  26. I decided about ten minutes ago to join in - here is my post for January http://www.lifebehindthepurpledoor.com/2012/02/month-in-numbers-january.html - looking forward to checking the pinboard over the next few days

  27. I so admire your patience with that jigsaw! and you write so wonderfully amusingly - always brings a smile to my face. I am really looking forward to a Month of Sunrays! I've added my month in numbers here: http://simplyalexa.typepad.com/trimmingthesails/2012/02/january-in-numbers.html

  28. LOL! I love the twine story! :) My first attempt at Month in Numbers is here:

  29. Well I got organised and posted mine today.

    My Month in Numbers January

    ....good luck with the twine custody.

  30. Just posted mine Julie but I need to get more organised and write more down. Its on my blog http://thelittleblueshed.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-month-in-numbersjanuary.html

  31. Wow that puzzle looks like hard work! Here is my post:

  32. 36 loo rolls would certainly not last that long in our house! Love your "moody" look trying to both get in the shot.

    Here's my post:


  33. Hi heres the link to my month


    Can' wait to read all the ones out there :)

  34. Hi! This is my first time over here, and I really like your month in numbers idea! So I joined in:

    hope my first attempt isn't too awful. :) Thanks! Chris

  35. wow what great numbers. I hope mine will get more interesting like your. This is my first post using numbers to summarise my month. Long may it last.


  36. awesome!! Here's mine http://littlelifeofscrap.blogspot.com/2012/02/january2012in-numbers.html

  37. I've just found this through several other bolgs I follow. I don't do Pinterest, but here's my month in numbers

  38. I'm a bit behind, having found my way here via others' blogs, but here's my January Month in Numbers layout. I really enjoyed doing this - thanks for the inspiration :-)


  39. Have bogged mine today but also scrapped them for the first time - yay! Hoping to do this every month as a way to capture the year :)

  40. At last....i've posted my month in numbers layout Julie.


  41. Here's mine...finally!! xx http://beksynormz.blogspot.com/2012/03/month-in-numbers-january.html


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