Wednesday 1 February 2012

Art Journaling: As Soon as I'm Not Tired ...

Hi, hi.

This page today is the 2nd illustration of my journaling prompt for the UKScappers Art Journey [which I wrote about here on Monday].

I won't go into too much detail about the prompt behind this [that's what the tutorial pdf file over on UKS is for] but basically this is partly to show a way of using song lyrics on journal pages.
Art Journal: As Soon As I'm Not Tired

The song in question here is Dan Black's 'Cigarette Pack':
When you're listening, see if you can make out these words[from 0.45 on]:

I'm gonna change this world; man I got a million ideas;
I'm gonna change this fear; make it totally disappear.
As soon as I'm not tired ... then I'll start my attack ...

Isn't that a great line:
Art Journal: As Soon As I'm Not Tired

As soon as I'm not tired ... then I'll start my attack ...

It's always made me smile! I think it's genius and I absolutely love it because, be honest, don't you feel like that sometimes?

You're a coiled spring! You've got so many plans in your head! You're full of grand ideas about how you'll develop that business plan, tidy that craft room, scrapbook more photos, change the world ... !!! And you absolutely, 100% sincerely do plan to get around to it all some day ...

... just not quite yet.

You'll just watch the end of Poirot first ...
Art Journal: As Soon As I'm Not Tired
Look, don't get me wrong, this isn't some desperate plea or a confessional about my levels of motivation ...they're doing OK thanks.

It's just I love how completely normal and human Dan Black makes it sound: as soon as I'm not tired, then I'll start my attack. He's been there. Clearly.

 Maybe I need to set up an 'As Soon As I'm Not Tired' club for similarly minded folk! Yes, that's definitely what I should do and we can have matching T-shirts and a theme song and everything and yep, I'm going to get on to it, I'll sort it all out ...just as soon as I'm not ... you know how this goes by now don't you? ;-)

OK, so I'm not doing that ... but don't leave me hanging, tell me does it all sound familiar to you too?

What are you lanning to do just as soon as you're not tired?
p.s: tomorrow I'll blog the first post of my new series:
And as with my other themed series there'll be a Pinterest board running alongside it so ...
  • Are you planning any projects, blog posts, photographs, journal pages, layouts, cards, stories, cakes, cushions and more .. which you could see fitting in - somehow - with my theme of yellow / sunshine / yellow /happiness / positive thinking / yellow  .. have I mnetioned yellow?
  • If you are, and you get around to blogging them while the series is running [February], and you link to the series in the blog post / gallery where you share your project ...
  • Then let me know and I'll add them to the Month of Sunrays board to share your cheeriness with eveyone!


  1. I like the idea of yellow for february....I have been pondering what colours to use for the february project life pages and then yesterday Shimelle posted some beautiful yellow and teal pp so I think I need to jump on the yellow wagon :)
    When I'm not tired I shall attack my minibook pile, there are a couple that need finishing.

  2. Love those lyrics, it sums me up perfectly. Now if I could just get all the ideas out of my head and get on with them I would be productive.

    Hmmmm yellow - I see there is some nifty yellows in the new Quirky kit which is winging its way to me so thinking cap on - well once Ive had a rest of course lol

  3. My artwork is not the cheeriest and yellow is not exactly my favorite colour, so I'll consider this a challenge! BTW, I love the page and the song you chose too!

  4. Hmmm. .I might have to try your yellow challenge. I LOVE that page you posted. Great quote!!

  5. Yellow is glorious :). Yep,I can't wait, and am really looking forward to this, Julie! I like the quote - I can think of lots of ways I'd finish that first part of the sentence too!

  6. I can identify with that line - when I'm not tired I am planning world domination - or maybe just the hoovering ...

  7. I can so relate to those lyrics, as soon as I have the energy & am no longer tired I have big plans to carry out.
    C xx

  8. Sounds like my anthem right now.

  9. That's a great journal page title. Love it!


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