Friday 3 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: No rain. Dry cheeks.

Hello, hello.

When I signed-off my last post I wasn't planning to blog until tomorrow - and I probably will post something over the weekend at some point, but I just had an urge to share things. Which is what blogging was made for after all , so here I am!

I just wanted to share a few ways in which the virtual sunshine is making itself felt here already.

Before work this morning I spent a while browsing the Month in Numbers Pinterest board where I pinned everyone's posts this week.
  • I was really touched by just how many of you had visited one  another's posts and left really great comments. If hadn't been in public, it's likely I'd have had a small weep! It really brightened my morning.
  • What I think I love most about how so many of you joined me this month was how, while the initial idea was mine, the posts are most definitely yours and you're all fitting it into your own blogging and crafting adventures in oyur own way.  
So thank you to everyone who joined in [if you still plan to, don't panic, anyone can join in at any time at all].

The second thing brightening my day was, believe it or not .. the sun!
  • It's been divine here today. Cold, yes. But bright and sunny. I couldn't have hoped for better weather to welcome my series!
And then there was this:

I was trying to take a photo of my view from my craftroom window [for a thing] when the camera focussed on a crystal hanging in front and I got this lovely shot instead. And look, the crystal's imperfect, a bit beaten up and showing signs of wear ... but it still sparkles and shines!

So I decided to leap over here, share those sunshiney things and also to bring forward a song I'd originally planned to share later on in the month: 'No Rain' by Blind Melon:
It never fails to make me want to dance and sing along and is as summery and warm a song as you could wish for. 

I was lucky enough to see them perform it live almost [and I'll say this bit quick, before I feel old] ... almost 20 years ago now, when they were supporting Guns N Roses at Milton Keynes Bowl. A day which ironically saw us all get soaked to the skin in a Great British summertime downpour!

I love the line: "I'd just like to keep my cheeks dry today" as it's always made me think that if you making it thorugh the day with neither rain nor tears wetting your cheeks ... well, you're doing OK.

[Although, naturally, I'm not counting happy tears ... or sniffling at your blog comments in this! Or there'd be no hope for me!!]

Oh and don't worry ... the costume worn by the Bee Girl in the video is not one of the yellow outfits I'll be suggesting you try out this month!
I'll see you when I see you. Until then ... keep those cheeks dry, OK?

Julie x


  1. We've had glorious sunshine up here too, all day. When I looked out this at the yellowy golden light, my first thought was "This is a Julie day"!

  2. That video makes me smile. Just what one needs on such a rainy winter day. Thanks.

  3. O dear, it makes me sad to read this when I just saw the impending weather for tomorrow over there!!! :(
    Your sunshine posts are making me feel very inspired though (and I am not a sunshine person) to the point that I noticed all sorts of yellow in my stash today as I crafted.
    That gig was the same year as Blur were in MK Bowl wasn't it? (I won't do either of us the injustice of naming that year but really...was that almost 20 years?!!! cripes!)

  4. "No Rain" is one of my all time favourite songs! Thanks for reminding me of it. I had a scrapbooking kit arrive yesterday and I was very pleased to find some fabulous yellow papers in it. I'll be happily crafting along with you this month :)

  5. Jayne - it was in 1993. I don;t think Blur were quite that big then - I think they were a couple of years after. Which means you're probably not as old as me! ;-)

  6. This is a tune - although with the snow falling it feels as though a Christmas carol or a bit of Mariah would be more fitting! I have used a splash of yellow on my layout!

  7. Yay! I love sunshine! I missed the start of this series, because I was away, getting myself a vitamin D top-up, in sunny (yes, very!) gorgeous Spain. It was fab, but I'm happy to be home with my boys. Would have liked to bring the sunshine home with me, but that wasn't possible - how lovely to come here and find a few stray rays of golden light, waiting to make me smile!
    Have a great month. (and yellow is my absolute favourite colour).

  8. When I saw the title in Google Reader, I thought, 'Is Julie going to wear a pleats every day for a month?'lol If you were, then you might like these


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