Friday 10 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: Quick, bright card

Hi, hi.

If anyone remembers my 'Purple Phase' series last year, you might remember the nugget of advice I kept repeating to those frightened of using purple in their crafting: combine it with kraft card and the problem's solved! Because ...

Kraft is the denim of the crafting world. It goes with everything.

[Just don't get those two mixed up. While denim on a card would probably work quite nicely ... kraft trousers? Not so much.] Anyhoooo ...

... for those who are feeling a bit yellow-bellied about using yellow here's a very simple idea involving kraft as a base:

So, the yellow is restrained by the neutral shades behind it, meanwhile the kraft is brightened up with some wonky, layered circle flowers handcut from patterned papers. And it's a simple, speedy card too [the brief for the set of cards this was part of was that they had to be quick to make, hence the hadcutting and minimal background.]

This week I've been pinning other people's 'cardmaking with yellow' inspiration to the Month of Sunrays Pinterest board, so have a browse around there for more ideas on incorporating papery sunshine into your cards.

Maybe you'll find time over the weekend to wear, create with or photograph yellow so, if you do remember to let me know. You can either ...
Then, once I know where it is, I'll pin it to the board for you [please squeeze in with a v.quick link to this series first]. I know there's been a lot of 'repinning' going on over there, so if your work is already on the board I hope you've been getting lots of blog traffic and admiration as a result! 

I'll be back tomorrow with another outfit post. And yes ... there will be yellow involved. You didn't think I was going to give up that easily did you?

Julie :-)


  1. Oooh yellow and kraft does look rather nifty together - must give this a go

  2. It looks great with the zinginess of the white ...

  3. I love your Yellow flowers - they look fab against the Kraft :D Just blogged a sunshine card :)

    jo xx

  4. Love the cards....the yellow looks great with kraft.
    My 10 on the 10th post is yellow based today....a plethora of sunflowers!!!

  5. Love the color combos!

  6. I'm still smiling at your comment on Jacky's blog as I am exactly the same as her - however last year I did scrap with yellow quite a bit. You are making me think :0)
    By the way not going to manage to get tomorrow unfortunately as have to be taxi etc. See you next month.

  7. Lovely cards! I have posted my 10 on the 10th with 10 bright and yellow things!
    Thank you for the continued inspiration! I have had yellow on my brain since the start of your series!!! :D

  8. Hi Julie
    I've been making some yellow(ish) cards. They are on my blog here...

  9. so bright and colorful!
    I made a happy white and yellow card with a pretty silver bow here, feel free to add to your pinterest board! hugs xo bonitarose

  10. hi Julie - i've posted a yellow based layout

    thanks for you inspiring yellow posts.

  11. Oooh yellow and kraft does look rather nifty together - must give this a go


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