Wednesday 15 February 2012

February 'Month in Numbers' reminder

Hi, hi.

For those of you planning to join in with your own Month in Numbers project for February, here's your reminder in the shape of another page from one of the most handsomely illustrated maths books you could wish to meet:

And with it falling right in the middle of my Month of Sunrays series ... I just had to choose a yellow page for today didn't I? 

Unlike that page though, I don't know how many of us will have been counting girls and dolls this month, but:
  • have you been counting and collecting anything yet?
  • have you got a draft blog post with all the basics [eg. an introduction, links, brainstormed notes of which numbers to use] in it already?
I haven't! But I swear that it's what I'm going to do just as soon as I schedule this post. Anyway there's still at least 2 weeks to work on it - if you're playing along in 'real' time that is - which is not necessary!

A few people apologised for being 'late' when they sent me links to their January posts in February - but, like I told them at the time:
  • there's no such thing as being late for My Month in Numbers.
So please don't worry and/or apologise!
  • These are your numbers, your scrapbook pages and it's your life you're documenting - do it whenever and in whichever manner you are happy with.
  • Until people started joining in with me, I blogged mine any time after the month had ended. The only reason I keep it to the final day of the month now is in case others are expecting to see it before they blog their own.
  • I'm happy to pin you posts to the board at any time during the month. Whenever you've blogged it.
Speaking of the pin board ...

... including my own, I've pinned 35 January posts to the Month in Numbers Pinterest board so far! Amazing. And it's been such a treat to see so many new faces joining in and so many of you leaving comments for one another.

I'm going to be continuing with the Pinterest board this month but I've realised something important since last time:
  • If you want your Month in Numbers blog post pinned you MUST have at least ONE PHOTO in it!
  • Pinterest can only 'pin' / save a blog post through a photograph within the post - a fact which didn't even occur to me when I decided to use this method.
So, if you do want to see your post on the board you'll need to add in a photograph somewhere. However:
  • If you don't mind about not being on the board, then no-photo posts are perfectly OK with me too! You're still welcome to leave a link in the comments section so we can all visit your blog that way.

 Right, that's enough for today, I'm off to open that draft post ....

See you soon with another Month of Sunrays post.

Julie :-)


  1. I'm noting and, no I don't have a draft post but you can't have everything.

  2. A timely reminder, thanks.
    I am really enjoying your yellow blogs on these grey days. They truly are little glimpses of sunshine.

  3. I'm afraid I am a very disorganised blogger and have to confess that my Month in Numbers is written 'off the cuff' on the day in question!

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  5. I found your insights about the significance of numbers in our lives quite fascinating. As a mathematics enthusiast, I appreciate any exploration of the numerical world.

  6. I appreciate the 'Month in Numbers' reminder for February. Similar to studying "How to Stack Coupons on Shein" to save money while shopping, it's a terrific method to stay organised. Your monthly summaries are consistently enlightening and beneficial.


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