Saturday 18 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: Wearing yellow in small doses

Hi, hi, hi.

I feel perfectly OK about what I'm about to do [which is, to try to make you wear something yellow ... again] because I treated you to a brilliant guest post earlier in the week. So now I get to torment you. But if you missed Kim Dellow's sunshine-in-a-tin project you need to hop back here to see, then come back here, prepared, for more yellow.
Are you back now? Good, then I'll begin ...

I wear yellow. Some of you wear yellow; you've told me and I've seen you! And I've been suggesting throughout the series that more of you try it, even those who swear they can't.

But, to my credit, when I raised the idea of wearing yellow I'm not actually suggesting you only wear yellow:

Source: Click image to vist their site + memory lane!
I just mean it can make an interesting addition to you normal, existing wardrobe.

I don't know if you'll consider my outfit here a cop-out on the 'dressing in yellow' front as there's relatively small amount of it in this outfit ... but really that's the point:
Dress: Warehouse ¦¦ T-Shirt: Miss Selfridge ¦¦ Cardigan: TopShop ¦¦ Scarf: Internacionale

[BTW: James had been watching when I was taking these photos, with the camera on self-timer, and he called this look my 'stoic face'! And I was indeed being stoic, I had no coat on, it was minus 5 and, not that we knew it at the time, it was 4 hours before the first snow of the winter fell! ]

Anyway ... back to yellow ...

Ways to try out yellow in small doses:
  • You could do the reverse of my yellow coat / grey scarf outfit [from this post] and brighten up a dark coat with a yellow scarf.
  • Same goes for a yellow / mustard or even gold bag.
  • A yellow belt looks great with jeans, especially dark denim.
  • And not forgetting yellow shoes ... [they don't need to give you ridiculous clown-feet, I got these last summer, which are just yellow enough].
  • Try a cheap yellow t-shirt pokig out of the neck of a darker jumper or cardigan.
  • Or let the sleeves poke out beneath a 3/4 length sleeves. [Like I did above].
  • well,
And, if you're still not convinced:
  • Look out for yellow items in the sale or in low cost fashion shops. When you've found a £1 bargain, you can maybe risk taking a chance on a colour you might not normally wear!

Next week is the last full week of A Month of Sunrays but there's plenty more sunshine I'm going to try to cram in.

Don't forget ... if you'd like to join me and the others who've contributed rays of their own:
  • You can browse the Pinterest board to see the projects people have created especially for the series and also others which I've found on my travels around the web.
  • You can contribute to the board yourself by blogging a sunny post of your own, linking to the series, and letting me know about it; and ...
  • You can add your name to the entries for the yellow ribbon kit giveaway from The Ribbon Girl.
Right, I'll let you go. I have a new dress to go and alter before I wear it tomorrow night.

For the record ... it's orange ...

Julie ;-)


  1. Good luck with the altering hope you get it finished in time. I'm going to look out for some yellow.

  2. Have fun in your new dress :o)
    Love seeing the Little Mr & Miss & hearing about your stoic face - I always thought it was James taking the photos though!
    I have a sunny post today!

  3. Hi Julie, I love yellow and I'm really enjoying your 'Month of Sunrays'.

    I have made a layout using yellow fabric here:

    Look forward to the rest of your sunny posts.

  4. I'm feeling the yellow love. i have a long sleeved mustard tee I've been wearing. Today I might wear my yellow flowery print dress :)

  5. Black and white + touches of yellow = smashing results! At least on you!! :)
    I just wrote a post that fits into the series, if you would like to check it out:

  6. Even touches really make a difference! You have absolutely convinced me. I wish I hadn't just seen the yellow rainmac in the new Boden catalogue ...

  7. I've just blogged a happy yellow scrapbook page. Thanks for all the happy sunny inspiration :)

  8. I have some yellow sunny artwork here:

  9. Now a little touch like that I could do, but alas, I do not have one yellow thing in my wardrobe!
    I've been struggling to comment with the WV, but hoping that is now resolved:)


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