Monday 13 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: Return of the Sun

Hello, hello.

Today's Month of Sunrays post is a beautifully shot, poignant, short [approx 4mins] documentary by Glen Milner and Ben Hilton about the dawning of the first sun in Greenland after 40 days of winter darkness. 

I found the film while browsing which, if you haven't heard of it, describes itself as ... and I quote: "the digital leader in luxury storytelling." Mmmmmm. Which, interpreted into normal-flk-speech basically means is it's home to arty films, photographs and interesting ideas ... and is a nice place to spend a tea break!

Note: before you press play, you might want to be careful about the volume levels on the device you're watching it on. The video comes up quite loud on my computer and has no volume adjuster - only a mute button and I'd hate for your boss to overhear you watching movies at work, or for you to wake the baby, or to make that woman/cat/dog sat next to you jump when it begins.

Enjoy the film:

Return of the Sun on

If you click through to the site to read more details about the film you'll see some great 'making of' statistics which you can use as inspiration for your next Month in Numbers post!

I'll be back tomorrow with something appropriately romantic for the 14th February.


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  1. Lovely shots, though not as many of the sun rising as I'd have hoped! But well worth the four minutes - thank-you!


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