Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: My only sunshine

Hello, hello.

I wanted to share another greetings card with you today but this time it's not one I've made, it's one I received.

[I'd better give you fair warning: as it's Valentine's Day today this post may contain some mild references to love + stuff ... so if you're in a delicate, indifferent and/or vengeful mood when it comes to that sort of thing ... you might be better off leaving this post and going to play some Tetris instead.]

There's a good possibility that today's card is the original source of my sunshiney-leanings and when I remembered I still had it, it led to a search for it beneath years worth of sentimental saved cards.

But eventually I found it:
Remember how, since January, I've been going on to you about the trials of having a wintry birthday? I'm sure you do .. in fact, it's asafe bet you're tired of hearing it by now ... so spare a thought for James who's had to put up with it for almost 2 decades.

Which is where this card comes in.

It's a birthday card he gave me after we'd been together a few years ... but clearly my message had already got through to him! Last night, when I asked him why he chose this particular card he said: "There's not a lot I can do about the weather, but I could at least bring you this."
So, despite never being able to have a bouncy castle in the garden on any of my cold January birthdays ... I really have nothing to complain about.

Nothing at all.

Julie :-)


We're almost half-way through both February and 'A Month of Sunrays' so, if you need to catch up:
  • There's a list of all the posts in the series so far here [including the giveaway if you haven't already entered.]
  • And the Pinterest board [which is a combinartion of posts you've all shared with me and inspiration I've found and pinned myself] is looking very bright and cheerful here.
Plus there's still half a month's worth of posts heading this way. The kind of things you can expect are:
  • a few more crafting projects;
  • at least one more attempt to get you to wear a tiny bit of yellow;
  • a couple of home / interiors type posts; and  ...
  • a few special guests!
See you soon.


  1. Oh Julie. I'm so *not* a yellow fan but am admiring the positivity in your posts. I'm also squealing with delight at the thought of receiving your plundered pages parcel! J x

  2. What a lovely card & what a sweet fella. C xx

  3. Aw. Sweet :) Have a nice Valentines Day Julie!

  4. That is a lovely, bright, cheerful card. And it has a sweet thought behind it - it's nice to know he listens eh?

    I have really been enjoying your 'Month of Sunrays' posts, sorry I haven't been commenting much as I've been a bit rushed, but I've still been reading and absorbing! I was already a yellow lover though so it wasn't hard to please me!

    The series has prompted me to make my own sunshiney card for my husband this Valentine's day, posted on my blog here: http://jennifersjumbles.blogspot.com/2012/02/he-is-my-sunshine-valentine.html

    I shall look forward to the rest of the yellow posts! x

  5. Definitely a man worth keeping--a happy day to you both!

  6. Such a lovely little card! Hoping you've had some of the sunshine you are bringing into our lives too. :)

  7. that is a very cute card. happy valentine`s day :)


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