Wednesday 8 February 2012

A Month of Sunrays: sunny day Plundered Pages

Hello, hello.

I'm always trying to think up new and interesting themes for my Plundered Pages packs and so I couldn't resist making one to fit in with 'A Month of Sunrays'. And here it is:
Whenever I'm putting a pack together I bear several things in mind and I guess the first is most obvious:
  • the general theme I'm trying to curate: so in the case of this pack the theme was anythign to do with sunshine, warmth, light and yellowness!
  • But while there's definitely a thread of similar ideas running through a whole pack ... I want to leave room for interpretation too.
  • So I try to include a good mix of pages which a customer can translate into their own specific project.
So all the while I'm thinking about a theme, I'm also bearing in mind:
  • the kinds of things someone could do with it: because I really want them to be loved and used once they find a new home.
  • So I try to think what kinds of scrapbook layouts, art journal pages, mini books, collages, greetings cards etc etc could be made from each theme ... and I get really excited at the infinite options for this.
  • eg. this pack could be turned into lots of 'happy mail', Get Well cards, meaningful journal pages, summer holiday layouts or motvational mini quote books ... and more.
I get enjoyment from compiling packs to inspire someone to create, while saving them the effort of finding the varied items original resources for themselves. 

And I know how inspiring it is to work with unique, original vinatge papers ... because it's what I love to do myself and it's what led to my collecting the old books and ephemera, which I now incorporate into my packs, in the first place!

Which is where the idea for 'Plundering Pages' a new blog feature, starting next month, came from:

I'm going to be sharing projects made using the kinds of items which make their way into my paper packs and I'm hoping it's going to appeal to you if ...
  •  you've bought a pack of Plundered Pages and are looking for a few ideas on how to use them; OR ...
  • you've been thinking about buying a pack but were unsure as you haven't much experience in using non-traditional crafting supplies + ephemera; OR ...
  • you have your own existing collection of ehphemera and vintage paper and would like some inspiration for using it.
  • [If, like one of my friends, you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of using anything recycled, reclaimed or hacked from an old book ... you can just sit at a safe distance and enjoy the pretty projects.]
I'm aiming to show that there's more ways to use vintage papers and ephemera in bright, modern and fresh crafting than you might think ...

But that's all starting next month, until then ...

Here's a few quick reminders:

  • There's a chance to win a ribbon and embellishment kit from The Ribbon Girl ribbon kit - here, you just need to leave a comment to enter.
And don't forget:
  • If you'd like to join in with the theme of the series simply blog your own sunny, warm, bright or positive project / photo / story etc etc - add in a brief link to this series in your post somewhere - let me know about it and I'll pin it to the Pinterest board. Speaking of which ...
  • The Month of Sunrays board is here - and is constantly expanding with cheery images, links and inspiration.
Thanks to everyone who's joined me in spreading the sunshine already!

Julie x


  1. Lovely Julie, I admit I am keeping my lovely plundered pages for a special project so I look forward to seeing your blog series on it.

    I am working on your month of sunrays, it has dovetailed nicely with the theme for my february pages for project life and I had a lovely evening yesterday chopping up sunny papers for the base pages :)

  2. I'd love some ideas for my Plundered Pages! In the meantime, I might just go and find all the ones with some yellow in! I love that man with his blue tie above...

  3. Wonderful eye candy! And so wonderful to be thinking of sunlight in dreary February in Wisconsin! I will need to shop for your "Plundered Pages" very soon!

  4. Looking forward to the series on plundered pages. Also still enjoying the yellow but still not wearing it! But is has inspired a yellow layout - here

    ps like Alexa I too like the yellow man - he looks vaguely familiar - maybe a book from my childhood.

  5. I'm really enjoying your Month of Sunrays series, it's really brightening up a cold grey month. I'm looking forward to Plundering Pages too.


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