Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Art Journaling: with food packaging [for Rubbish Week]

Hi, hi.

It's day 3 of 'Rubbish Week' ... and it's getting even more rubbish ... in a good way ...

My final prompt  for the UKScrappers Art Journey [a kind of introduction to art journaling] is available to download from today and is based around the theme of recycling 'rubbish' into your journals.

[If you'd like to read the full prompt / general discussion then visit the Art Journey area of the forum here and go to 'Step 23'].

Here's one of the two new pages I made to illustrate my prompt ... now, without cheating, without scrolling down for the answers on the next image [I'll know if you have] ... see if you can you spot the 'rubbish':
[BTW: whoever just mumbled 'the whole page is rubbish' can go and stand outside the room and not return until they've thought hard about they just said.] Moving on ...

OK here's the answers:

 Any surprises? Anything familiar to you and your work?

In case you need proof ... I took a 'before' photo of the food packaging:  
I love everything about that packaging: the patterned lettering, the fonts used ... and the stew inside it!

Now here are those letters once again - rearranged into my page title:
The 'dream, plan, budget, build' word strip was cut from a junk mail leaflet about home-building that was addressed to the previous owners of our house despite them not living here for years ... see? I really do scour just about everything to find a useful snippet or two!

And here are those stickers again - which actually inspired the 'new ideas' theme of the page:
Using the leftover surrounds from a sheet of label-stickers has been one of my favourite additions to projects for a while now. And I can't think of a recent scrapbook page where I haven't used some!

I don't know what it is I like about them ... but I'm quite addicted. I'm probably just being perverse and contrary by preferring the support-act rather than the main-headliner!

It's also had a similar fondness for using sheets of alphabets like I've done here, not for their individual letters, but for a mass effect:
Finally here's a closer look at the little scrap of vintage dictionary I used to balance out the use, and colour, of the alphabet sheet:
It also felt appropriate to use definitions of words such as 'precognition' and  'preconceive' on a page about having ideas!


Tomorrow I have a full step-by-step showing the making of another new page ... from start to finish.

I had lots of great feedback after the first one I blogged, last summer, and it's been my most 'pinned' project on Pinterest, so I'm hoping some of you will find this one useful too.

So I'll be back with that in 24 hours. See you then.

Julie :-)


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  1. Phew! I'm so glad there is someone else who does this kind of stuff with rubbish!

  2. Great to see just how you have transformed your rubbish into a brilliant AJ page.
    Must go to the food section next time I am in M&S!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great ideas here Julie. I love to try and make something out of nothing...I am a bit tight that way:)

  4. I can't wait to see your next tutorial. I love your last one and it has helped me put together quite a few journal pages. Thanks!♥☺

  5. Packaging sure is fun especially when used as you have Julie !!

  6. Great to see just how you have transformed your rubbish into a brilliant AJ page. Must go to the food section next time I am in M&S! Thanks for sharing. X


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