Saturday 30 June 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: June

Hello, hello.

If my calendar is correct then ... it's July tomorrow.

If the recent wet weather is correct then ... I may have a faulty calendar.

But, whichever it is, here's my June 2012 ... in numbers ...

35 years = the time elapsed between the taking of this photo:
... and this one:
Points of note: I now have more hair than I did in 1977. Which is a good thing.

Meanwhile Mam has less hair than she had in 1977 ... also a good thing.

And, coincidentally, Jo is dressed smartly in pretty dresses in both photos while I seem to dress more for comfort and am wearing trousers in both. The more things change, the more they stay the same, no? 

344 pages = the amount of Bring Up the Bodies read since May's Month in Numbers to finish it off.

3 = the number of wives Henry VIII has accrued so far and we're only up to book 2 of Hilary Mantel's trilogy. *spoiler alert for anyone unaware of how Henry VIII treated his wives*  

They cut her head off in the end you know?

But, seeing as how I knew that before I began, I was never actually reading to find out what happened ... I had half an idea how it all went down [to be honest it sometimes less than half ... royal History isn't my strong point].

No, rather this was one of those: "I want to keep reading because I love the atmosphere , the writing, the fully breathing characters inside yet ... I really don't want to keep reading because then it will be over and I won't be wandering around 16th Century England with Thomas Cromwell any more ... I'll be back in my own bedroom again, with hoovering to do" books.

You know the kind.

3 days = the time I had to wait between seeing a pair of these leopard print jeans in a shop and having a pair arriving on my doorstep after having to run home and order them in my size:
Animal print. Super comfy and stretchy. Look cute with ballet pumps.

Rarely does an item of clothing fulfil so many vital requirements!  

2 = the number of Christmas themed magazine features I've worked on:
It took me a whole [pretty much wasted] working day - mid-June - to get even remotely in the mood for such festivities.

Oh by gosh, by golly.

13 out of 13 =  the number of the final episode of Justified Season 3.

I didn't want it to end but we made sure to see it out instyle with an end-of-season 'event'.

If you don't watch Justified then what follows here will make very little sense. And even if you do watch Justified ... you may still have your doubts ...

We ate had southern style chicken and ribs and drank Kentucky Bourbon and Coke from jars ... Harlan County-style:
I wore my best Boyd Crowder outfit ... and we all took turns wearing the Dickie Bennet moustache:
Let me tell you something ... it's not easy to drink from a jar wearing a felt 'tache stuck to your top lip with blu-tack. Not easy at all:
And yes, my sister is wearing a Sheriff badge here. Because, while we may be slightly unhinged, we're not lawless ...

13 = the number of episodes in Season 1 which I'm now going to buy and start watching the whole thing all over again ... after seeing them all twice already. 

Oh, amazingly well-written, well-acted and just plain entertaining Justified, I really wasn't a box set girl ... until I met you.
Well, that's me ...

If 'My Month in Numbers' is new to you, you can catch up on all of the details here.

And you'd like to join in this month [despite seeing me in a moustache] here's the Month in Numbers 'etiquette':If you write a post and want to leave a link for myself and others to visit and/or pin please bear in mind it has a shared experience aspect to it.
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Just a note:  [mainly so I can't be accused of breaking my own rules ... ] ;-)
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  • I still like you.
  • Obviously.
  • I'll be catching up with your vital statistics ASAP once I'm back online.
  • I promise!
Thanks for dropping by and humouring me today.

Happy July everyone!
Julie :-)


  1. Brilliant post Julie, always love your numbers !!

  2. Great read Julie!!! I love the Then and now photos at the start and you had me laughing out loud when I saw you drink with that mustache! You take your season finale pretty seriously don't you?!
    Will check out Justified though!

    I posted my numbers too:

    Hopefully you'll have a sunny month of July!

  3. I'm ashamed to say I still haven't caught up :( the tache and the then and now photos.

  4. Such brilliant photos to go with your words this month! I've just finished the Hilary Mantel ~ I couldn't put it down.
    You can see my numbers here:

  5. brilliant now and then photos. Great fun numbers Julie....I still need to do mine!

  6. Lovely family memories. The Tudor age is my favourite period in British history. Cute jeans! Wooooow! Christmas! Well, it´s not that far away plus magazine work must be turned in very early. Are you singing carols these days?

    You´ll find my own numbers here:

  7. Love your numbers - and here are mine for June -

  8. Still need to find the right moment to jump on the My Month In Numbers (I've only been reading it, like, forever!) Maybe, just maybe, since it's the first of July, I could start recording this month? Hmmm....

  9. Love you month in numbers.

    Here is my link


  10. I love the photo from 1977, it reminds me of so many I have from that period.

    I have posted my Month in Numbers Here:

  11. Love how you have compared the two photos for the different jubilees.

    Looks like you have had a fab month - not got a clue what Justified is about (must go and google it LOL!!)

    My monthly numbers are here -

    Karen x

  12. Love Jo's hairdo! Very glam.

    And I love your 'tache! Now I really want to watch Justified, I've never seen it.

    Great numbers as usual. I know what mean about getting lost in a book!

    Here's my numbers:

  13. Love the 1977 photo & your recent comparison :)

    Still loving this project x
    here is mine.

  14. Fascinating seeing the photo, and your writing is, as ever, so witty!

  15. Hi Julie. My June post went up here today:

    With an idea stolen from you in Papercraft Inspirations!
    I haven't read Bring up the bodies yet, but it's on my summer list. Love your Jubilee pictures

  16. love those moustaches - love how we get to tell extra stories through the numbers

    mine are here

  17. Loving the tash :) And the jubilee picture are very good.

    Here is the link for MIN post

  18. Sorry, I had to disappear from blogging too this month before I managed to count. But I have a few travel numbers for July.

    Love that Jubilee picture!

  19. I'm way behind with everything at the moment - but wanted to say that I totally understand the wanting/not wanting to keep reading of an enthralling (series) of books! I'll add Hilary Mantel's books to my to-read list if they have that effect. TFS

  20. Me again - June's numbers have made it to my blog ... and nearly done with my scrapbook page as well!

  21. Did I really make that claim back in August? What a shockingly extravagant boast!!! Now both June & May are complete and posted to my blog today - Hooray!


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