Sunday 1 July 2012

A super quick card from leftovers


I'm still not really online.

I know ... you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise but despite having an infamous namesake with a time/space shifting abilities ...
I assure you I've not been beamed up from anywhere, Scotty ... this is just another scheduled post.
I just wanted to give you a heads up to a weekend of activities and giveaways going on over at the 'Jennifer's Jumbles' blog.

By now [fingers crossed] I believe my giveaway post will be live over there where you'll have the chance to:

**Make sure to hop over to Jennifer's blog for the competition details and to catch up on the weekend's other competitions and challenges.**

  • And hop to the shop to see exactly what you'd ike to ask for if you won!
Good luck! [Or do I mean live long and prosper?]

Julie :-)


p.s: I made the card in about 10 minutes as I wanted to include it in a parcel which had to go into the post yesterday morning. Apart from the card blank [itself an off-cut] it's made solely from items which had been hanging around on top of my desk and also from the bin beneath it! The only thing I added was the strip of fabric tape and gems.


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  2. It's such a cute card, but let's hope the recipient doesn't find out that bits of it came from the bin! x

  3. Cute card! I like the cut circle from the left hand side, and the stitching!

    Thanks so much for sponsoring the giveaway on my blog, and for sharing here! x


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