Saturday 21 July 2012

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt: the seaside edition

Hello, hello.

There's been more blue sky and dry air this week than we've witnessed so far this 'summer' and so - to continue on with the 'Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt' [hosted by Rinda Ontiveros over at Gallo Organico] - I now bring you the photographic fruits of a few coastal trips we've made ...
1. A pier:
At first glance, looking at this, you may think that I don't know what 'a pier' actually is.

And you may think that I've just taken a photo of a twisted metal tower. A tower which, yes, does jut out on to a beach, but which still doesn't quite fit the bill as a full blown 'pier'.

And you'd be both right. And wrong. Because it's not actually me who doesn't know what a pier is.

No, it's the people who designed/commissioned this structure as part of the ongoing Redcar seafront rennovations. The same people who named it: The Vertical Pier.

3. A border:
For the unitiated: I'm dog-phobic. Quite a lot. And it's ridiculously limiting ... especially on sunny days when I really, really, really want to go and stand in the sea and not come into contact with any dogs who want to do the same.

So, looking out for signs like this one is essential for me when I'm at the coast.

I love how this one [taken today] so clearly demarcates the border of exactly where dogs are and are not allowed on the beach. Not that I can ever totally relax even after spotting the signs though.

I mean ... I'm having to rely on the owners having read and taken notice of the sign as ... I don't think dogs can read. Can they?

Because if they can ... I think I'm even more scared of them ...

14. A person playing with a ball:
I have nothing funny to say about this photo. Please move on. Nothing to laugh at here.

18. A movie poster:
Outside Redcar cinema which is a strange, faded relic of a building which is quite literally on the seafront. It's not opposite the beach - but rather above it. It stretches backwards out across the sand and, although I've never been inside, I have it on good authority that sometimes, if the tide is coming in, you can hear the sound of the waves beneath while watching the film!

They're all I've managed to capture so far, but at least I'm now over the halfway line: 11 photos scavenged and just 10 to go!

Oh and speaking of statistics: a quick reminder that there's just 10 days until the end of the month ... which means 10 days until I'll be blogging my Month in Numbers ... join me?

Julie :-)


  1. These posts are like taking a holiday tour around your area. Thank you!
    I'll be saving the list for our summer. :)

  2. Nothing better than a day out at Redcar!

  3. I am with you on the dog's front. Our landlady has this silly yappy little thing and I have to pretend to like i whilst recoiling on the inside! Oh the stress!

  4. I've never done month in numbers before, but maybe I will. I like how the miniature man is kicking the ball on the rail . . . seems like there's something remarkable about that!
    p.s. I think someone else had a picture of the vertical pier (because it totally confused me).

  5. Now that is an impressive photo of the vertical pier and puts mine to shame. You had much better weather than I did last week. Been meaning to e-mail to apologise for not getting there last week was touring round buying gifts for everyone who was leaving, hence Saltburn (Artsbank) via Redcar to the Boro. Think it will be September that I get there next time. Enjoy the weather :0)
    Love the dog border x

  6. great angle on the vertical pier - a good haul for the hunt

  7. Let me reassure you....neither of our dogs can read the writing....but pictures....that's another story entirely!! You'll be pleased to hear that I can read....and we have a similar sign on our beach....I never thought of it as a border before....I love that idea.

  8. I like your thinking on the border!

    Yes, I'm in for Month in Numbers this month with a few travel numbers

  9. Terrific summer scenes and images!

  10. I like your alternative view on things:)

  11. That's a great collection, and I especially like your border :). Here's another who is none too keen on our so-called canine 'friends' - you are not alone!


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