Wednesday 25 July 2012

Not one of those blog posts

Hi, hi.

This isn't one of those blog posts wherein the author teases you about amazingly exciting and yet tantalisingly secretive Grand Plans afoot.

Well ... it's not exactly one of those posts. Mainly because they slightly annoy me.

I'm not big on secrets. My heart bursts if I'm trying to keep one of my own and my head bursts when I'm trying to elicit one from someone else. So I don't want to do that to you.

No good blogger should deliberately try to make their readers erupt.

That said ... it is a bit like one of those posts ... so I'm playing it safe and leaving down burst-proof plastic sheeting here  ... just in case. Moving on ...

Earlier in the week I made this:
... and when I was deciding on a sentiment to put on it this 'Keep Dreaming' one seemed right.

I've been doing a lot of that. Dreaming.
Not just this week, or this month, but for around the last 5 years at least. If not the last 36.

Here's a few of those dreams ... and what became of them:
  • to have long nails by the time I was 15 -- didn't happen when I was 14. Still hasn't.
  • to have an E-Type Jaguar -- What? Why? My tiny car's well over a decade old and see no need for a new one. Don't know what I was thinking.
  • to be able to use my much loved and fought for English degree in my work -- when I was unemployed [several times] I was told it probably wouldn't happen. Now, I write for magazines. I blog. I plan to do more of both.
  • to have my name on a door -- I think I once thought that this meant I would be a boss. With staff! -- Now I'm self-employed. I work at home. I run a [very] small business. I'm my own chief cook and bottle washer [as my Grandma would have put it!]. I'm often Employee of the Day / Week / Month. I may need to craft a sign for my door!

So, what are these burst-worthy dream-related secrets I'm hiding from you? Well, they're not really secrets ... or even dreams. They're more like plans.

  • I've been working on putting some of my scribbled notebook thoughts and ponderings into reality.
  • Those of you who read my blog in person [i.e:  outside of a blog reader] may have noticed my header has already changed [a few weeks back] to reflect the changing balance of those things I'm blogging here more often these days.
  • I have a Facebook page. 
  • I've sought, and am receiving, advice from various sources on how to keep building on what it is I want to do / have / offer. And ...
  • I've finally ... after disappointments and changing my mind and seriously hoping I've made the right choice ... finally bought a domain name of my own. Go me!
Having my own shiny happy welcoming website has been a closely held dream of mine for a while ... now it's getting nearer. [It's happening slowly!! So don't expect any big 'reveal' any time soon!].
So, basically ... what I'm saying ... in a roundabout way ... is ...

I'm taking steps toward building up this thing ... this collection of things I do ... this happy breed of bits and pieces I work at ... this band of silly blog posts, making people smile, sharing ideas, projects and my way of looking at life ... this thing which I still can't quite get use to calling a 'business' ...

And really whatever this thing is. It really isn't a 'dream' any more. It's what I'm fortunate enough to do even when I'm awake! And I need to pinch myself into remembering that.

And finally ... one eagle eyed reader noticed recently that the 'zebra' part of my Etsy shop name 'Julie Kirk & The Carousel Zebra' has now disappeared and was hoping he was doing OK now that the shop name is simply 'Julie Kirk'.

[If you don't know the significance of one rather enigmatic plastic toy zebra in my life ... then please read his story here or this next part really won't make much sense. There's a happy ending. I promise.]

But you see, the thing with zebra is that he is - and always has been - happiest when I've been able to manage without him. When I've been standing on my own 2 feet, rather than on our combined 6.

Not that he's ever too far away. And he's certainly not gone far.

He's living out his days on my bedside table. A Keeper of the Dreams perhaps.

And you can rest assured that ... if ... when new look site ever gets built... there's always going to be a home for him and his handsome stripes over there!

I'll be making a space for you there too.

Come as you are.

Bring your own dreams.

Julie x

p.s If this inspires you to blog your own dreams, plans, inklings, ponderings or zebra-like tales ... come tug on my sleeve and show me.


  1. How exciting, Julie! So glad that you're moving forward with your plans, whatever they may be! They must be pretty awesome to keep it a secret! ;)

  2. Keep dreaming girl!! This post is killer and I'm so excited for you. <3

  3. Hooray! I always thought you were wasted in academia-land. Am so pleased to have read this post!

  4. Ohh you're own web page will be a must visit for sure!

  5. Great that you are taking it further Julie, good luck in building your site which I am sure will be very funny, interesting, arty and innovative. Looking forward to seeing your dreams becoming reality.

  6. Oh what a fabulous post! I kinda blogged my dreams and my holding back and now going forth on my latest rocking post... which happens top be my latest post ;) So consider your sleeve tugged :D

    I had noticed your FB name had changed but am a bit dunce-like and have just zoomed up to check out your banner (because I read your blog properly, not in a reader you know.) Looking fabulous and all very exciting. Yay for zebra's and their dream holding capabilities... think I might need to get myself a crow for the same thing!

  7. As a humungous fan of yours (as you know), I am rooting for you all the way and cheering you on from the hilltops! And all is your signature yellow, of course. :)

  8. Exciting and scary at the same time......I'm sure things will tur out just as you want them to..

  9. Wonderful post today. Thanks for reminding us to keep our eyes on future dreams. Some day I'm going to have an etsy shop. . .

  10. Great post, exciting times ahead and I can't wait to read all about them!

    Liz x

  11. oooooh how lovely...wishing you lots of luck xx

  12. now I realise one thing I miss now I'm working at home is walking into a building with a name on it (and a room with my name on the door) - think I need a nameplate on my home office door.

    Is having your own domain the online equivalent of your name on the door?

  13. Wishing you lots of luck for your website I know these things take time. The advantage of you working from can put whatever you like on your door.

    .....and I'm glad to see that the zebra stripes haven't disappeared quite yet.

  14. Hurray for the domain name and the website! I'm looking forward to it.

    I think you should definitely make a sign for your door. And you can call yourself anything you like:)

  15. Exciting times ahead by the sounds of it Julie, you go girl!!! I agree you've got to keep dreaming.
    C xx

  16. Love the bright yellow work. Good luck with your next step. I am in the process of completely changin my life for the better, so I with you on your journey in spirit as it sounds like we are trying to tread the same kind of path. Your blog is far better than mine though! Mine is 'minimalist'! lol, Good luck, jenx (if you can dream it you can see it; if you can see it, you can be it xxx)

  17. for 'changin' - read 'changing'; for 'i with you' read 'i am with you' (silly, uncontrolled fingers!) jenx

  18. huge congrats to you... I love your blog and all you share. Love your style and your way of writing. I too bought my domain name, A WHILE BACK.. and now hv incorporated it into my current blog.. lots of future plans regarding my writing, my life and my art.. and i too am not quite ready to share it all yet... it is exciting isn't it?? Big hugs to you.
    We all need to applaud and support one another.. I am blessed as well to be loving what i do and being able to have this as my job full time. Life is good. very very good.
    so happy for you! xo
    love to you

  19. I have always enjoyed your blog posts when you just chat about 'stuff'. Not that I don't enjoy the rest of your posts, but I'm sure you get what I mean. (I have the flu and nothing is coming out right tonight LOL)

    All the best for your move forward and I am sure that your Zebra is the keeper of your dreams, you even put a zebra print on your project above. I look forward to seeing where you go and joining you on your online journey.


  20. I so loved reading this post and the zebra story too. Keep dreaming - I thought you might like this quote...The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.
    Good luck!


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