Tuesday 17 July 2012

Fairies, faith + fitness: 'new' vintage paper packs

Hey, hey.

I may not have been blogging a great deal lately but that's not to say I haven't been doing anything.

Why, just today I tried Darjeeling tea for the first time, tried on leopard-print heels and bought a copy of the Radio Times ... so, y'know, it's all 'go' here.

But, joking aside [even though all of the above is true] I have managed to find some time in between tea-drinking and planning my week's TV watching to seek out new ideas for themes; cut up hundreds of vintage book pages; arrange them neatly; wriggle them into individual packets; photograph them; edit the photos; write product descriptions ... and begin adding the first of many new Plundered Pages paper packs to the shop. Go me!

In fact, I've been so productive you could almost be forgiven for thinking I mess around with paper for a living  ... oh ... wait ...

Anyway ... here's a quick look at a few which are already available to purchase ...

The first reflect a theme which, after finding some lovely illustrations, I'd been considering for a while but was unsure if there'd be a market for it:
But, after asking for opinions on my Facebook page and receiving emcouraging feedback I decided to give a few Christian faith themed packs a try, especially after someone commented that they cut up their Bible to use in their crafts ...

Next up there's a theme which might just reveal a little of my recent TV viewing and reading habits :
I'm thoroughly [and unexpectedly] enjoying watching Once Upon A Time on Sunday nights plus I couldn't drag myself out of be this morning until I finished The Graveyard Book the first Neil Gaiman story I've ever read. So it appears that, despite it not being my usual category of choice, I must have been hit with the fantasy stick lately.

[OK, I've just realised that the term 'fantasy stick' could be awfully misconstrued. How about we forget I called it that and pretend I simply said 'magic wand' or 'fairy dust' instead? Deal? Deal.]

And now for a few packs which I hope don't get treated like me in a P.E lesson: ie. get chosen last:
If you've got Olympic tickets and plan to scrap your trip ... or if you've simply got boys who aren't strangers to grass stains and mud ... you might like these ones!

For more images and the full details of any particular pack - visit the shop where I'll be adding more Plundered Pages over the week, followed by new Interesting Bits kits next week!

And if you have any more questions ... just yell, email, tweet or Facebook me. [We could even try telepathy if you like. I'm game if you are.]

See you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. I love the idea of themed paper packs, rather than the usual random sampling of vintage sheets. Great name for your product too!

  2. Julie, I would like to purchase some of your kits. My question, though, is are all of the items in the kits archival quality? I'm afraid that the vintage book pages etc. wont stay good. Do you have some advice for me before I purchase?

  3. Hi there 'justasiam'. Firstly, it's nice to hear you're interested in the kits ... very nice in fact!

    As for the question of archival quality ... I wouldn't think so.

    Everything in the 'Plundered Pages' vintage paper packs is original book / magazine paper - nothing is copied, so it's all in its original state. Which probably isn't acid/lignin free.

    That said - it depends on how you're going to use it and how much you need an assurance of archival safety.

    Personally I use anything and everything in my scrapbooking - including lots of vintage paper. My personal joy of scrapbooking is in the here and now, so I create for myself, with products which make me happy. I don't realy mind what they might look like in 50 years.

    That said I rarely use original photographs - only digital prints/copies - so if it's your photos you're concerned about then that's one way around it.

    I also use them on art journal pages, cards, collages, mini books etc where longevity isn't as key an issue.

    As for the actual papers they're anything from 20 to over 100 years old and - in themselves - they're in great condition.

    I'll leave it up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with - and to balance the chances of something not being considered 'archival safe' but which is something you'd like to use.

    Thanks for the great question - no one's asked before!

    Julie :-)

  4. Oh my, some of these look sooo tempting ... I so admire the way you are able to source and spot the potential in all of this!


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