Monday 23 July 2012

It's A Sign: For 'air' go in the opposite direction

Hi you.

Here's [yet] another of my airshow photos in which I blatantly ignore the actual planes.

This time round I was more interested in the arrows and labels I kept seeing on the sides of quite a few planes. Labels like these:

Someone wiser, more aeronautically knowledgeable and less facetious than I would probably tell you that it's something related to static electricity and avoiding sparks when re-fuelling ...

As for what I'd tell you ...

... well, I'd tell you that it's a notice all planes have to have in case the pilot forgets where to land.

Believe what you will.

Julie :-D


  1. What are you like Julie !!! lol

  2. lol!!! you've made my morning x

  3. I think you're a nutter ... but you're our friendly nutter so that is okay :)

  4. Yep, with their heads in the clouds, those pilots need a bit of grounding! Nice one. :)


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