Friday 7 February 2014

Scrapbooking: The First Photo

Hello hello.

Before you settle in for the scrapbooking bit I should just apologise for the smell.

The smell of burnt sausages.

And terror.

It'll be from the burnt sausages [an explosion under the grill] ... and the terror [my hands shaking as I ran the flaming tray under the tap!]

So, yes, let's just pretend that it's barbecue season already shall we because ... despite the fact that the layout I've got to share features a close-up of 2 noses ...

... it actually has nothing to do with smell; neither eau de bonfire or otherwise! Rather it's about a tradition of taking a selfie of the pair of us soon after midnight, minutes into a brand New Year ... right after the 'first footing'.

BTW: is it still called a selfie if there's more than just yourself in it? Me+youfie? Usfie? anyway ... here's the layout:
The thing with taking a 'first photo' is ... it's always going to be the first photo .. no matter how many you take afterwards. And so, to date, none of the shots we've taken have been great works of photography - they're often grainy or blurry but, what the heck, I still keep them and scrap them. But then again none of them have ever been just close ups of our noses ... until this year:
So ... once I realised that the zoom was still on ... we had a second attempt at a first portrait; and this time it included all our main features:
How about you? Do you have any set photo-taking traditions?

  • Do you take the same photo every year? Every month? Every day?!
  • Maybe of your kids, or the garden, or maybe particular changing landscape throughout the year?
And if you do ... do you give yourself more than one chance to get it right?!

Thanks for stopping by today and again ... apologies for the smell ... let me just crack a window ...

Julie x


Supplies used:
Background paper: 'Family Stories' range by Teresa Collins
Strips of patterned paper: 'Wildflower' by Carta Bella
Number themed vintage book pages - available in my Etsy shop [p.s: there are lots of new packs on the shelves this week!]
Frame: Melissa Frances
Wood veneer head silhouette: Maya Road
Camera chipboard: Crate Paper
Washi tape: Papermania Capsule Collection 'Jewels'


  1. What a super page :). Mind you, your opening paragraph already had me smiling! I really like your colour combinations and placings of all the different elements. (PS If you are going to scrap your life this year, might we get a layout on the sausages?)

  2. delightful page and commentary! hope the sausage smell has wafted away. :)

  3. I had to open the windows while reading your post and now I really can smell sausages, the neighbours are barbequing!
    My what lovely noses you have :) around here we call a selfie of more than one a groupie. Hoping it will catch on! Fab LO!

  4. Oh your page is beautiful! And I actually love that first picture, as well as the first picture in the year idea! Can I steal that tradition from you? xoxo Lily

  5. I am going to try and remember that idea for next year - or should I pick another significant date and start a tradition for then.... It is such a good idea.
    I have no sense of smell anymore - my granddaughter gave me a virus and that's what it did, so the burnt sausage actually smells like lavendar floor polish to me

  6. It's a lovely page and a tradition I am now wishing we had started many years ago!

  7. What a lovely tradition. There is a place, locally, with a huge fallen tree and I have many photos of Gracia and I sitting here. We try to pose in the same way to show how we have changed over the years.


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