Friday, 21 February 2014

Shop news: Spring time crafting

Hello hello.

If you're not one of those folk who come and visit me on my Facebook page then ... my apologies ... I've been very bad at letting you know about new additions to my crafty supplies Etsy shop.

I'm good [even if I do say so myself] at putting new kits together; I spend a long time photographing and adding useful descriptions to each new pack and I'm always prompt with the packaging up and posting out of orders ... but I keep neglecting to let you know about all that on here.

To be honest ... sometimes it's such a relief to have completed all the creating, packing, photographing, editing, describing and eventually adding something to the shop's [virtual] shelves ... that I simply just stop short of writing a blog post all about it ... and I scurry away ... usually to breathe and drink tea! And I let the shop look after itself ...

But ... as I sit here, with a blue sky outside lit, from low down by late afternoon sunshine, I realise there are some kits that I need to tell you about right now ... just as spring is daring to creep back into the air!

First of all there are two Easter themed Interesting Bits kits:
As with all the Interesting Bits kits these are a mix of colour-coordinated patterned papers plus embellishments of all kinds eg. tags, labels, stickers buttons etc. drawn from all kinds of sources. There's even a little Easter chick cross-stitch inside the Sunny Springtime

They contain enough complimentary bits + bobs that you can open up a pack and create something lovely by only needing to add a blank base eg. a card/tag/gift bag/scrapbook background or whatever you fancy making!

And, if these lighter nights are making you feel a little more like cracking open your crafty supplies, then here are a few more kits inspired by the coming of a new season:
  • A Cycling Adventure [a cheery collection of items inspired by a drift through the countryside on two wheels] and
  •  My Sunshine [a cosy, folky, cheerful kit packed with the kinds designs/patterns you might have found on your t-shirts and dresses if you were a child of the 70s!]
If these colour ways don't grab you wherever it is you keep your creative juices [I don't want to assume ...] then do drop by the 'Creativity Kits' section of the shop where you can see how your juices feel about any of the 14 other options in stock at the moment. For example ....
  • if you like things a bit graphic, eclectic, turquoise and black... then try Edgy Folkiness;
  • but if you float toward the feminine and dreamy then try A Fairytale Flight of Fancy or Free to Dream ... [perfect for mixed-media books / junk journals] OR
  • if you're a card maker who likes things a little more traditional there are a couple of 'general birthday' themed packs in Blue, Pink and Bright Pastels. 
So, that's that. You're now in the loop [feel free to decorate that loop to suit your own crafty tastes ...]

I'll leave you to have a browse around my Interesting Bits!

Have a great weekend.



  1. Lovely stuff.....You can't beat a 'bit Bag'......

  2. I'm thinking that maybe I need that minty sheep !


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