Tuesday 10 June 2014

How To: turn scraps of washi into crazy-quilt style embellishments [photo tutorial]

Hello hello.

Do you own some decorative paper tapes? Like washi?

[And by 'some tapes' I mean 'an ever-expanding planet-sized amount of tapes'.]

Me too.

It's addictive isn't it.

BTW: If you're a washi fan and you're reading this between 9th - 15th June 2014 then you're in luck ... I've teamed up with Chamby and Cor a wonderful purveyor of washi to bring you a tape themed giveaway this week so - if you haven't already then  dohop over to this post for all the details!!

It's so small, pretty and pick-up-and-pop-in-my-basket-able isn't it?

So very just-one-more-won't-break-the-bank-ish.

And so in light of its irresistible allure it's always useful to have a new idea for what you can actually do with it!!

This way you can either:
  • (a) feel wholesome about using it up ... OR ...
  • (b) simply use it up so you've got a great excuse to buy some more!
... whichever it is for you, allow me to present you with this crafty and thrifty idea all about turning even the smallest of precious off-cuts and scraps into fun patchwork-style embellishments.

HOW TO: Turn scraps of washi into crazy-quilt style embellishments

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Here it is ...
And finally ...

  • This is one of those projects that you can have on the go for a while and which can fit in alongside other crafty 'doings'.
  • Collect up the scraps over time, just keep some paper nearby to keep adding to then, once it's complete just put to one side and emboss + die-cut whenever you've got the machine out for something else.
  • This way you can gradually and painlessly keep topping up your supply of these fun, colourful embellishments and use them whenever you want something just that little bit different!
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And don't forget to enter the washi tape and storage giveaway!

Julie :-)


  1. Very cool! I don't have an embossing machine but I guess I can skip that step! I too have a washi addiction. I recently made these cards: http://jennifergracecreates.com/washi-and-words-bright-and-fresh-cards/ which was a fun way to use lots of colours at once! I like this idea for using up all the little bits though! x

  2. These are absolutely lovely! I'm moving closer to getting a machine..maybe I'll find a good deal on one when I'm away over the summer

  3. Love the dimensional element. Thanks for a great idea.

  4. Awesome idea. I love the end result.

  5. Fabulous! I am really going to do this!

  6. Great use of all the scrappy bits of washi I can't bear to throw away!

  7. These do indeed look amazing - the pretty and finished articles are far from their humbler beginnings ... I have a few embossing folders for my little Sizzix which I think would work. I'm just thinking these embellishments might look good on cards too, or tags for presents. Did someone mention Christmas?

  8. Oooh this is awesome! What a great idea. I always have tiny bits of washi left over and now I know what to do with them You are a genius Julie!

  9. So simple but so effective. I love your ideas. Thank you for sharing

  10. Great job. I really like making embellishments like this (with paint usually).


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