Wednesday 11 June 2014

Washi tape tip for crafters: Think 'how cats mark their territory'. But with tape.

Hello hello.

Call me a facilitator if you will but ...

... just like with yesterday's 'How To: turn scraps of washi into crazy-quilt style embellishments' I'm here today to share another way you can put washi-tape to good use. Y'know ... just in case you need another excuse to go and buy more ...

BTW: If you're a washi fan and you're reading this between 9th - 15th June 2014 then you're in luck ... I've teamed up with Chamby and Cor a wonderful purveyor of washi to bring you a tape themed giveaway this week so - if you haven't already then  do hop over to this post for all the details!!

But, unlike the tutorial yesterday, this tip isn't so much about what you make as a crafter but more about what you own. And, moreover, what you'd like to keep as your own!!  

Now ... don't get me wrong, I'm not saying any of my crafty friends are kleptomaniacs or anything but when we all get together to craft it can result in a veritable shop's stockroom worth of tools and equipment and so ...

... it makes life much easier if we can easily identify whose bits are whose!

Especially when we tend to gravitate toward the exact same tools.

Exhibit A: Just a selection of the many Scotch ATG guns we own between us; on the table of our latest crafty weekend getaway this March:
If you look closely you'll be able to make out that two of those are tagged with tape to identify them with their owner. And I'm feeling smug that one of those is mine! 
So ... yes, naturally, mine are tagged with zebra tape and so it's easy for everyone to see they're mine. Which means we each take home the right tools without having to resort to anything drastic.

Like taking swabs for a DNA test.

And honestly, this is how I actually ID my tools, it's not a 'Top Tip' that the tipper has just mocked up for the sake of a blog post [the fact that my scissors are authentically grubby hopefully supports that!].

So, it's a quick and easy way to mark your equipment without having to write on it with permanent ink or anything like that and so ...
  • if you ever craft in company; if you attend a crop, workshops, classes or you just get together to craft around a friend's table occasionally
  • and if you have a washi tape that you can clearly identify with and that others can identify with YOU ...
... then give washi-tagging your tools a try!


But before you go ....

So mine's zebra print [if you don't know the origins of my zebra affinity you can catch up here. It's a tale of how I moved on from depression with a striped friend in my pocket!] but ...
  • I'd be interested to hear which style / design / pattern of tape YOU would instinctively choose to represent you.
  • Is there a print out there that's just 'you'?
  • If not ... why not have a think about it ... it can be quite enlightening to realise what's your 'signature style' or your 'brand of you'!
Let me know below in the comments!

At least it'll stop me from ever stealing your tools ...

Julie x


  1. Ha ha... I thought ... Julie has a typewriter the same as mine!.... DOH!
    Must washify my gun!

  2. Great idea Julie! I'm not sure what my pattern would be, but the colours would definitely be yellow and turquoise. Maybe something scattered like dots and stars confetti for the pattern. Or something seaside related! x

  3. This is a very good plan. My tools get passed around a lot in classes and one or two people have the same things as me. Much cuter than initials in Sharpie!

  4. I do this at home with all of my chargers etc. so when everybody's home with their I Pads, phones etc. I always know which one's mine and it doesn't get lost - unlike those that belong to the males of the household!!

  5. That's a brilliant idea! Hmmm, mine would probably be owls!

    I wonder what all I can washi-mark? Books, chargers, headphones, paint brushes... lol the list is endless. Now I need to get more washi tape! My eldest is a bit of a klepto when it comes to my stuff!

  6. This is a great idea...I have a cute roll of skinny kawaii coffee washi...I think I'll use that!

  7. I go through washi fav phases. They are all stored in a big glass jar and if I reach into the bottom for one then I tend to use it on everything for a while before throwing it back into the jar. I'm quite fond of ones with a hint of grey or black because they hold everything on the page and make it look anchored

  8. Fab idea - my signature washi tape would have to be butterflies!!

  9. This is the best idea I've seen in a long time! I wonder if washi tape will stick to my water bottle.

  10. My signature tape would be a bright yellow garden pattern from artsyville. Have you seen her tapes? They're awesome (yes, call me an enabler).

  11. Oooh, that's a neat idea and amusingly presented to us too :). I have no idea about a signature washi tape ... Can I have more than one? Certainly I'd be thinking, for one of them, along the lines of an old typewriter font, with the letters in different sizes, bold, italic etc. at random along it. If you see one, let me know!

  12. I think for me it would have to be text - I love anything with words on it.!


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