Friday, 20 February 2015

Memory keeping: 'What does one wear when they're going to visit Mycroft?'

Hello hello.

You know the proverbial bus stop situation, where you wait ages for one and then three come along right after one another? Well that's exactly the state of my 12x12" scrapbooking right now.

Throughout much of 2014 I couldn't motivate myself to scrap many large layouts at all [in fact ... I think I made the grand sum of 5 all year] but then ...

... then December came along and brought with it something so eminently scrapworthy ... that I've ended up making 3 pages about it! Here's one of them ...
It's fair to say that 3 pages on the same subject would be a lot for me to make even if the event had lasted 3 weeks ... so, when you consider that it lasted more like 3 hours, you might get the idea that it was something I reeeeaaaallllly wanted to document!!

I bet you already know what the event was don't you?
Yes ... I might have mentioned the fact that I went to see Mark Gatiss 'in conversation' once or twice already. Ummm, yeah ... well ... if you think you're tired of it now ... I've got two more scrapbook pages left to share ... so, I'd just get used to it if I were you ....

For the record, when I went to visit Mycroft I wore a black jumper, striped skirt and silver boots ... which I accessorised with giddy eyes and a 'I can't believe how good tonight is' smile ...
My sister felt the same.
It's always good to share an experience like this with someone equally as likely to lose control and squeal in public as you are isn't it?

BTW: That adorable face [no, not mine, stop it, you'll make me blush] the face on the old book page, above, is a stamp from the 'Girls' AHA Arts stamp set by Ashley G. I bought mine from her Etsy shop but can't see it I stock right now. [I think it's available elsewhere though - it's my current favourite set too. So cute!]

Here's the final page again so you don't need to scroll [you know how I like to help you avoid RSI] ;-)

I'll be back with the remaining two pages featuring my splendidest of occasions soon.

Until then, have a great weekend, treat yourself to some Sherlock while you're at it why don't you ...

Julie x


  1. I 'follow' @lovequiltingmag on Instagram showed a picture of a quilt of Benedict Cumberbatch made out of 2,389 pieces of quilting fabric! It's true, it's a Benequilt Cumberstitch! You still don't believe me do you? OK, check it out here
    Now, go and get that sewing machine out! You've a quilt to make!

  2. Oh, love the LO! Totally don't understand how you've only made *3* pages about meeting Mycroft ;)

  3. Lovely soft page - and I like those film? / slide? circles tucked in behind. Not to mention the soft focus photo :).


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