Tuesday 8 December 2015

Be careful not to tear it. It's too nice to throw away! Indulge in some vintage Christmas wrapping paper nostalgia.

Hello hello.

Our eyes met across a rammle-filled room.

Well, actually no, because a pile of breathtakingly glorious vintage gift wrapping doesn't really have eyes. Yet what it lacks in the eye department it more than makes up for in every other way imaginable! 

I could tell all that the minute I clapped eyes on it where it was tucked away, sitting on an old dining chair, in the back of a junk shop, in a narrow residential street, in a seaside town, in England's North East.

An unlikely first meeting. An unlikely place to meet. An unlikely amount of oh-so-rare UNUSED vintage wrapping paper!!

Of course I bought it. Of course I did:
You want some? Want to share the thrill? Want to fall in love with it too? Then don't let me stop you ... I'll happily step aside so you can start a new life together...

Head over to my Etsy shop to browse the various options available to you young loversHere's how I've described this papery treasure trove there: 

"Be careful not to tear it." Give me it here, I'll keep that for next year". "It's too nice to throw away!"

Such is the refrain of the wrapping-paper-lover.

Maybe that's you. Your mother? Or maybe it was your Grandmother.

And with this original, vintage wrapping in exquisitely retro and festive designs ... it easily could be her carefully opening each gift and saving the papery treasure for another year!

How much would you pay for a single sheet of mass produced gift wrap in a local store?

Now ... how much would you pay for a technicolour glimpse into Christmas Past?

These beautiful sheets can take you right back there, to sitting beneath a tree decorated with all kinds of trinkets and baubles ... [not the colour-themed minimal ones of the 21st Century!] ... right back to watching the pleasure on the faces of the gift-givers and receivers ... right back to saving the paper ... because it's too nice to throw away!"

Some designs are available to purchase as single sheets while others come as a pack of 12 with the original retailer -Boots - label:
And it's from the pre-decimal price on that label that we can at least be sure that these designs are pre-1970s [although the designs alone scream that they weren't made yesterday!].

The larger packs are a considered purchase ... but you do get 12 assorted designs and if  you think what that would cost in a high street stationers right now then it's not so different ... and these are unique and nostalgia-filled and wonderful!! When are you ever going to find more like it?

Similarly ... if you plan to use them in crafting, buying festive scrapbook papers would cost you something similar for a pack of 12x12 sheets  ... and they wouldn't have the history and authenticity that these provide.

Of course I'm biased ... but I just know there's someone who will see them, fall for them, and throw caution to the wind to own them. And I know it's possible ...

... because that's exactly what I did! 

Seasons greetings to you!


Hop to the shop for vintage gift wrap, vintage Christmas cards, Christmas junk journal kits, festive washi tape, festive craft packs plus gift ideas [many under £5] for the crafter or vintage book/ephemera lover in your life! 


  1. Ooo, I remember that paper!! I even recognise some of the designs from when I was very little. That is a rather exciting find, Julie. Wow!

  2. some very pretty papers, I like the traditional Christmas colours & you're right too pretty to rip & tear.


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