Friday, 12 February 2016

Bad Portraits ... in Marie Claire.

This week I've been battling with a double edged sword.

On the one hand

On the other hand ...

  • It's illustrated with photos of me looking like this ...

Which  is very much all my own fault of course.

It was my idea to pitch my Bad Portraits project to them as part of their 'Break Free from ...' campaign. And it went live last night as part of the 'Break free form body hate' week.

Now I'm left juggling the heady mix of having satisfied some professional ambition ... while feeling a little bit naked. [Like an anxiety dream where you get to go on a date with Jonny Lee Miller but you're wearing those lounge pants with the holes in. You know the ones I mean.]

So. Yes. I'm juggling double-edged swords. Naked.

This could be quite a dangerous time for me.


p.s: Thank you so much to all those who've left supportive comments on social media. It means a lot.


  1. Congrats for getting published!

  2. Oh darling! I love the article. Even with your "bad shots". I do wish the selfie I took of myself dying my hair had been half as cute as yours. Will have to see if I can find some more of that above lighting. I think by putting yourself out there (way out there) like this will give others, myself included, a shot of confidence. Huzza for you! And congrats so much on getting published!!!

  3. How fabulous to be published by MC. But I get your dilemma. At the end of the day you will have made people smile with a really good read and that's what it's all about isn't it? Well done you x

  4. Congratulations for getting published. That is a huge step

  5. Great article and every year I do think about joining in with your Bad portraits and never quite get round to it - you never know Jan 2017 might be the year I join in - especially as I got some particularly unflattering ones of us on New Years Eve - not a good idea to try and take a selfie out on your balcony in a force 7 LOL - we were definitely windswept and interesting LOL!!

  6. I thought it was refreshing to see instead of the usual five things articles or celebrity gossip. Congratulations :-)

  7. Ah this is great, just take the praise love, its a great idea... Stay strong

  8. well done on having the article published, and a great one it was too. And the reason I don't have any bad portraits to share? Because I'm rarely in a photo, I'm the one taking the photo!! Having said that, I did make an effort last year to actually get in photos, and even take selfies, so maybe someday I can join in!

  9. Absolutely wonderful! Well done you! Xxx

  10. Well done Julie xxx one brave lady xxx

  11. You still look good even when you think you look bad! Congratulations on the article!


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