Tuesday 9 February 2016

Eggs. Pancakes. Collage. [Honestly, I have nothing better than this for a title.]

Hello. Hello.

It's Pancake Day ... and I forgot to buy eggs this morning when I was shopping.

Fortunately I'm a better blogger than I am Domestic Goddess [I'm a better tight-rope walker than I am Domestic Goddess] and I've whisked together some appropriately themed egg/pancake-based nonsense to share.

The first is a collage:
I made this a few months back in response to having read the Dr.Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham for the book club I attend at my local art gallery.

It has nothing to do with the book. It's just an egg thing. [Because that's a thing. Right?]
This combines an iamge from a fashion magazine, some patterned paper and some elemnts fomr a school cookery book. 

One of the things I like about making scrappy collages is how - by taking things out of context and butting them together - you can imbue things with a sense of the ridiculous and even the profound, [often at the same time] simply through their odd juxtaposition. 

I really liked the idea that a hen's egg weighs 'enough'. 

And I reckon hens would agree. 

*For a carefully curated, hand selected, [my hands!] inspiring collection of paper scraps to use in your collage work then drop by the area of my Etsy shop dedicated to Vintage Paper + Pages. Or commission a bespoke pack of all your favourite elements. 

In other egg news ... I was reading through some of my old Tweets this morning and came across the time I mentioned having just searched Google for where in the UK I could buy the US foodie zine Put A Egg On It ... and Google tried to offer me ... human egg donation sites


And finally ... 

Yesterday as I was sorting out the box of vintage pages I use to create my Snipped Tales and I came across the following random scrap [which I shared on Instagram today]. 

I must have snipped it free from some story book or other at some point, but what perfect timing for it to resurface!


If, unlike me, you have got eggs in the fridge today ... then happy flipping to you!

[Unless you're thinking about those other kinds of eggs. Maybe don't flip those.]



  1. lol! I am afraid I cheated and bought ready made pancakes (there's only me ) so had some today and the rest will do tomorrow!

  2. Every Shrove Tuesday I say 'why don't we have pancakes more often?' because I love them - especially with lemon and caster sugar sprinkled over the top. Love the quote about the size of an egg!

  3. Cute! The thing I find about eggs and pancakes is that you never need as many as you think you will. I err on the other side from you and overstock, so we have a lot of scrambled eggs after Pancake Day (which I think is missing the point..)

  4. Very nicely done! And I forgot all about Shrove Tuesday until Thursday so ours were late. You have a great eye for the incongruous :).


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