Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cards: Retro greetings

Hello there you.

If you've dropped by from the
Scattered Scarlet Design Team blog [where my featured project today involves some bright, cheerful greetings cards] then you're very welcome. I promised to put the kettle on for you didn't I? OK then, while I do that you can cast an eye over some more of the cards I've been busying myself with this month:My starting point and inspiration for these was a page from a 1970s comic book which was part of my Alter That kit from 3DJean.

I found the animal illustrations so charming [and so very familiar ... am I showing my age now?] that I wanted to feature each individual one on its own card:

My small square cards were an absolute steal at £1.99 for 50 from The Range and, even better still, while they're soft pastel shades on the outside, they're white on the inside - which is my favourite type of cardstock [tell me it's not sad to have a favourite type of card .... please!! ;)]
I then looked through my papers for something reminiscent of the 70s and, as I'm one for lots of gaudy patterns anyway ... it wasn't hard to find in my collection.

The Sassafras border stickers and the Dew Drop Teardrop gems were also from 3DJean.

Nothing quoite says '1970s' like a splash of prange, so here's an orange kangaroo, border and teardrop embellishment card: Finally, there's this little pink-with-elephant number:I kept the cutest illustration of all: ... to give to Hannah, someone very special to all of us on the Scattered Scarlet DT and who, I'm almost certain will be sharing her talents with us as a special guest designer soon:Oh and sooner still, I plan to scrap some of the photos from her recent and rather splendid birthday tea party!

Did someone mention tea? That reminds me ...... the kettle's boiled, milk and sugar?

J x


  1. You're right, there is something comfortingly familiar about those illustrations. They look like ones I remember from a 70's Christmas annual. Very cool cards.

  2. Tea, no sugar please, I'll bring the cake, whats your favourite?
    gorgeous cards Julie

  3. Great fun! Brilliant;y colourful ...
    Got any Earl Grey?

  4. Thanks Sian - funny how you can be transported back 30 years in a moment isn't it?

    Favourite cake Claire? How would I choose? I do like a nice vanilla slice, chocolate cake, apricot pie ....

    Sorry Alexa - no Earl Grey- but can I interest you in a nice Assam?


  5. Oh my, I really love these cards!!! They are all gorgeous, I think I have to lift them - hope it is ok (and hopefully my kid want cry too much about her missing storybooks :-))

  6. Cute, cute cards (although I can't say the illustrations look terribly familiar, being so young and everything...).





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