Monday, 28 June 2010

Quote: High School Government

Today's quote is the mantra which the new coalition government seem to think that we'll all believe if only they repeat it often enough. How many times have you heard:
"We're all in this together"

I've just heard it again this morning and still, a sense of fairness and plain common sense tells me that clearly we're not.

'We' don't all share the same amount of blame for the current economic situation nor will 'We' all feel the cuts in budgets as keenly as others. At the risk of paraphrasing Margaret Thatcher, in this context at least: there is no 'we'!

As you might have gathered by now, this is one of those topics for which I'll happily haul out my soapbox but, luckily for you I'm going to leave it where it is for today as what I really wanted to do was share with you was my personal anti-dote to my frustrations through all of this.

It's the one thing keeping me from yelling profanities, hurling things at the radio and raising my blood pressure to violent levels every time I hear them declare 'We're all in this together' ....

.. it's that everytime I hear Cameron and Osborne et al spout that line, I hear this in my head:

As I declared via Twitter on budget day last week I'd be far happier if, after spouting that line, the ministers had to follow it up with High School Musical style dance moves.

And I'd be especially thrilled to see Michael Gove attempt the splits.

That would lower my blood pressure no end!

Julie ;)

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  1. I agree entirely - when I am sure all Govt/Coalition bods have experienced the pain of losing your career to serious long-term illness only to be cast aside with the so called 'don't want to work' benefit claimers, THEN I'll know we're all in this together.

    The very idea that those who are entitled to Disability Living Allowance have to be assessed for work makes my blood boil let alone rise in pressure. DLA is non-work related!

    Ouch - head against wall hurts.


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