Thursday, 10 June 2010

Overheard: Brand Awareness

Here's something I heard in the middle of a somewhat dry management lecture in 2009.

It was yet another of those times when I wanted to join in and laugh along declaring 'I get it, I get the joke!' ... but really, listening-in to conversations is not what I was meant to be doing in that room. So I just wrote it down instead!

Male student referring to the business school tutor who was delivering the lecture : Remember when he was asking about our favourite brands?

I wrote down ‘Russell’... one got it ...

Me! Me! I got it!

Illustration: ProMarkers; fineliner 17.05.10


  1. Ha! Love the drawing, Julie! You are so talented - have you thought of illustrating as your next career? :)

  2. Fantastic drawing! Alexa has a point..

  3. Your drawing is just brilliant you have a style all of your own and I got it!

  4. I'm relieved to say that I also got the joke (for once!).

    The wonderful illustration helped, of course!


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