Friday, 4 June 2010

Small stories: Sunshiney days

So, you know how I've been harrassed by a 'especially horrible virus' [that's a professional term - the Doctor said as much!]these last two weeks? Well, seeing as how today is the first day in a fortnight that I haven't had to retire to my bed in the afternoon I thought I'd use this 'spare' time to share a few things which have been cheered me up:

1. My lovely, thoughtful blog-'wife' Kirsty Neale made me a beautiful photo montage of some of my favourite things over on Copy+Paste, to both illustrate her post and to brighten my day. If you haven't seen it already do
have a peek here, there's yellow involved, tea cups and fancy shoes. She knows me so well!

She also sent a picture to my phone of a sketch she'd done of the two of us looking quite super which, with a bit of luck, will be featuring on Copy+Paste quite soon. If you thought the illustrations of us in our sidebar were cute now ... just wait until you see us in our new outfits!

2. My
Scattered Scarlet Design Team 'mother' 3DJean posted me a package full of new Purple Onion designs stamps:
Click on the photo to be taken to the 'New Products' pages on Jean's online store.

I'm hopefully going to see Jean next week anyway and she could've waited until then to give me the stamps but, as she wrote on the note inside my parcel: 'It's nice to get things in the post'. And she was right. It was a very nice surprise. Thank you Jean :)

I can see me using that antique ledger stamp for an awful lot of my journaling in the future. And as for the 'Warning, may be habit forming' design.... I can see that appearing on layouts about everything from playing the step rhythm game I'm getting a touch too fond of on the Wii Fit to the 3 EK Success border punches I've just invested in ...

3. Maxine from Which Crafts? confirmed that during this month and next I'll be guest designing on the Which Crafts? blog:

They're celebrating their first 6 months of selling craft kits with a month of special blog challenges, games, giveaways and new kits and .... have a look at their blog to see what I'm talking about.

4. Inspired by the 'Flying Lessons' e-course I'm taking [and the fact that my days are no longer spent repeatedly coughing like some manic wind-up coughing doll!] I sat in the garden working on the brooches, made from all manner of leftover, recycled and 'found' fabrics which I hope to be able sell. I particularly enjoyed finding a tiny ladybird nestling in the red, spotty brooch:
It seems ladybirds must know a thing or two about camouflage!

So now you know a few things lifting my spirits today, how about you? Who or what's put a spring in your step this week? Or failing that ... what can I do to help you feel springy next week?

Julie :D


  1. Lots of good things and good news there! Plenty to look forward too and I hope you continue to feel better over the weekend.

    Oh, and what I can see of your garden in that photo looks really pretty.

  2. I glad to hear you are feeling better and able to enjoy the sunshine with a spot of creating. It looks like you have been very productive. I have the perfect ladybird button which could replace your real live one :)

  3. Much prettiness, and glad you're feeling sunny enough to be making again. :)

    Love the look of your brooches - the red one is kind of poppy-ish, and so gorgeous - and the stamps, too. Lots of ledgeriness ahoy!


  4. I, too, have had the horrible nasty virus for 2 weeks on Sunday...ugh! I am in Kelly's class and found your blog...very inspiring and very pretty!!!

  5. I love the brooch - the colour just perks me up just looking at it! We don't get too many days over here in Dublin that are nice enough to work outside, but yesterday was one of them - and that definitely put a spring in my step :)

  6. Hope you are feeling better Julie, I too have had the especially horrible virus. The brooch is gorgeous :)

  7. I suppose the one good thing about being ill for such a while is that when you eventually feel better you really feel the benefit of it and are grateful for not feeling rough any more.
    I love the flowers, the red one is very poppy like, the ladybird obviously agrees!

  8. So glad you are well enough to be outside and have warm sun for it ... Very cheering for the immune system! Love the bit of your garden I can see: both the wooden decking and the ledger stamp 'speak' to me!


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