Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Overheard:..and don't get me started on choc-chip

I can't actually remember anything about this snippet of conversation I overheard [20.10.08] which is why I always make a point of writing them down as soon as I can after hearing them:

Female student before the start of an early morning lecture: I couldn’t eat a blueberry muffin, I tell you. They just look mouldy. I’m sorry.

I'm not even sure who she thought she was apologising to about her picky eating habits ....

While we ponder on that ... I'll let you know that foodie illustrations are my featured topic today over on Copy + Paste so if you've got room for any more culinary funnies then pop on over for an inspirational buffet ...

Julie :)

Illustration: Pencil + ProMarkers 17.05.10


  1. Saw the "Copy & Paste" post - it's great!
    I do agree with whoever it was that suggested you should try an alternative career as an Illustrator! Love those food drawings (Crouching Squashball, Hidden Dragonfruit - L.O.L.!!)

  2. Your artwork is stunning, Julie....

  3. I love your overheard comment! I think her observation is kind of true.


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