Wednesday 8 April 2009

Red and yellow and pink and green ...

... purple and orange and blue. [Join in ... you know you want to] - I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too.

Forgive me for bragging but, not only can I sing a rainbow; I can daydream; doodle; scrap; wear; covet and [perhaps my favourite] arrange a rainbow. Hence No.7 in my '25 Things About Me' series of pages:
And I'm not alone.
The lovely Gauche Alchemy ladies are putting together some new kits which, according to Amy are full of of "found objects and tiny doo-dads", and are going to be offered in bundles of colour-themed glory. Like this:


To feast your eyes on the full technicolour details see Amy's full blog post.

Enjoy your Thursday - my 'To Do' today includes 'take photos of weird layout', 'eat the homemade soup you didn't have yesterday because you bought a steak pie instead' and 'for goodness sake get that article finished' .. so I'll best be getting on with it ...



  1. Love your LO - great rainbow combination! Know what you mean about colour order. When I was at uni, I arranged all my books according to the colour of their spines, regardless of subject, on the grounds that I often couldn't remember what a book at called but I could always visualise its colour! How's the To Do list going? :) x alexa

  2. You definitely have a knack for arranging a rainbow. The project is perfect.

    Loving the colours Gauche Academy colours

  3. Is that ten different colours of Dymo tape I've just counted? Yep! I definitely have a mild case of Dymo tape envy ... not jealousy though you understand ... nothing mean-spirited! :D
    Love your rainbow project - and the GA coloured kits look fab too :)

  4. Very pretty. When I was a little girl I used to make sure my box with 108 crayons in it stayed in spectrum order. I would still do that if my son didn't find my colors so fascinating. I usually have to use and hide very quickly.


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