Tuesday 28 April 2009

Stop me if I'm boring you, but...

If you're getting tired of hearing me drone on about how much I love colour I suggest you find something else to do for the next few minutes while I drone on about how much I love colour, which will probably include a sentence or two about me and colour and how much I love it. OK then, if you're still with me, here I go ...

I've spent the last few days decorating a canvas for my wall and on Saturday I opened up my box of paints and found this:
It's the spatula I use to scrape and drag paint around and it still bears the colours of the last canvas I worked on. [Not sure what it says about my crafting vs domestic priorities, but James said that this one is in a better state than the one in the cutlery drawer!]

Call me [senti]mental, but I couldn't bear the thought of covering over this little random, work of serendipitous art without first grabbing the camera and capturing its technicolour loveliness.

I then went on to thoroughly abuse it, drowning it in an ocean of PVA, crackle varnish and cerulean blue acrylic and I didn't exactly leave the activity unblemished myself. For instance, I stood in a blob of PVA which I rubbed into my sock so as not to have to stop mid-creative-flow and I'm still trying to coax a streak of clear silicon from the left-click on my laptop key-pad! In fact, even after my last dangerous venture into colloquial terms [remember the dick-dicks debacle in my previous post?], I will take the risk and describe the whole activity as being an entirely 'clarty' one.

I haven't included any photos of my clarty adventure here as I think I'll post them sometime on the new blog I'm setting up with Kirsty Neale ... I'll let you know the when and where of it all very soon-ish. :)

Sooner than that though, is this:

It's the second colour guide from Kevin McCloud and it's out on Friday May 1st and I'm just about to pre-order it for £6.99 on Amazon.

Excited? Me? Just a tad. You might remember me extolling the virtues of his first colour guide in my 'Colour Collecting' blog post last month when I had no idea he was bringing out another one. I practically laid an egg when I found out! What? Don't look at me like that! There's worse things to be addicted to than men who know a lot about colour palettes! Speaking of colour palettes .... I saw these Bobbi Brown eyeshadows in a magazine on Saturday.

I don't imagine I'd actually wear all those colours, well, not all in one go at least, but it is quite spectacular don't you think?

Last but not least in my colour-indulgence-update is the latest Gauche Alchemy post . It not only features the April/May full size kit: 'Happy Housewives' [a retro wonder of new papers and vintage elements] but Amy's included lots of photos of their new mini, colour-themed ephemera kits. Quite apart from being yummy packets of colour-matched crafting confectionary - they're amazingly mini in price at $4.00 or at today's exchange rate, a rather tiddly £2.75!!

So, I hope there's something in all this which may tempt you into having a glorious colour-filled day. My advice? Go heavy on the paint, the book and the kits ... but retain a lighter touch on the eyeshadow front. I mean, it's all very lovely an' all, but you don't want to look like you've been punched in the face by an angry rainbow do you??



  1. I actually bought an awesome makeup palette like that this weekend (though at a fraction of the price I'm betting!) and thinking about it, I may have gone out saturday night looking like a victim of angry rainbow slapping!

    I'm a big colour person too; what my rented flat magnolia walls lack in colour I make up for in acessories!

    Anyway, sorry about the long comment; I really just wanted to say that your mini book in the current Scrapbook Inspirations is amazing!

  2. I'm so with ya on the color addiction...that's why we created our color kits at Gauche Alchemy! (Thanks for the plug, btw!)

    I have been using more eyeshadow lately, and I like it... but most of what I have are browns. I need to get some more colors, but I'm always afraid I'll look like a clown or bring back the "blue eyeshadow" days of the 80's. That would not be a good thing.

  3. I saw the Gauche Alchemy post and now I am arguing with myself. WHile the exchange rate is good for you it's not so for me.... oh oh oh BLOW IT, am off to buy and then close my eyes when I pay lol

  4. Nope, clarty is fine with me, but then I too am oop North.
    Off to look at Gauche Alchemy. Not sure I'm trendy enough though.

  5. Love the 'clarty' word - DH uses it sometimes as he is from the same part of the world as your esteemed self :) Great to see it in print, so as to speak! Didn't know about KMcC and colour, so thank-you for the pointer and I am off to sniff the trail ... PS Did you get the silicone off? x alexa


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