Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Blogging it out.

I'm not strictly in the best of moods. In fact, I could be accused of being 'not myself' today. Evidence for the prosecution includes:

[1] I went grocery shopping and bought a hair dye on the spur of the moment.
[2] I had my car window open with the stereo absolutely blasting, something I never do [OK - so I was blaring out Coldplay - but still ...] and
[3] I attempted to burn off a Subara Impreza WRX at the traffic lights.

Clearly it's a case of identity theft. And my victim is some flash boy racer. I plead guilty as charged. But before you pass sentence please take the following into account:

[1] I've got lots of stuff, things, projects and plans on my mind.
[2] I'm not sleeping too well [although last night I did dream about kissing The Mentalist life's not treating me that cruelly!]
and, more significantly,
[3] My friend HannahBanana is moving away which means, for a while, there'll be no more of our fabulous crafty / gossipy days in which we make very little art, drink very much tea, share all there possibly is to share and cry laughing at everything ....even the difficult stuff ... especially at the difficult stuff.

So go easy on me.

Something which should lift me a little from this malaise is that I managed to complete three of those UFOs I was telling you about here last week. Two of them need some more journaling in them to be entirely 'done' - but I don't want to rush that just for the sake of it.

I finally gave my book of motivational quotes a title. It's a quotation from the Roman poet Virgil:
"They can who think they can"

I'm finding it particularly apt at the moment and am currently working on the 'think I can' bit.

The following are another few quotes which should help me achieve what it is I'd like to achieve ....without feeling overwhelmed:

Anyway ... I'll brighten up soon, I always do. Plus, I've got good things to look forward to.

In a month's time: I get to see both Hannah and Dave Gorman again.
In a week's time: I'll be playing with the Crop-a-dile Big Bite I've ordered, and
In five minute's time: I'll be drinking my third cuppa of the day.

Life's not too shabby really. Not at all.

Not at all.




  1. awww cheer up emo kid lol

    you should come to the Durham crop on Friday!

    Nevermind inspirational quotes I need to know more about the hair dye!

  2. I should join twitter so that we can twit in the late hours. I'm a full on insomniac. At least it's good for those works in progress : ) Oh, and The Mentalist? Lucky lady! x

  3. First up - did you use the hair dye and second up - there are worse things than dreaming about kissing the mentalist :)Amanda

  4. And here's another one. To eat an elephant, you begin with a single bite! Keep going girly.

  5. I'm sooooo impressed that you have started to make in roads with those UFOs. I've just added another to the pile after today's glue and stick session with Gail!!!! But I've made a promise to DEFINATELY finish it tomorrow.

  6. I absolutely love the book of quotes. Amazing! I have stacks and piles of quotes with no place to live, you've given me a great idea.


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