Friday, 28 August 2009

Index card & fabric folder.

After an annoying morning where the bank got my appointment time wrong and then a pair of amazingly wonderful high, high heels I'd spotted didn't fit me, I returned home, put the kettle and got down to some crafting.

This is what I made:I simply took a pack of blank index cards [50p for 50 from Wilkinsons] and wrapped fabric around them:

Using one of the cards as a template I marked the positions and punched a hole in my fabric:

I then eyeletted the hole to strengthen it and used a small bookring to attach the cover to the cards:

I then hand stitched a length of ribbon around the cover to act as a wrap closure.

As the note above mentions, the fabric and trimmings used are from the 'Hot Date' Quirky Kit from CraftyTemplates.
So, there you have it, a handy, pretty book to keep in my bag. I could use it to make notes about crafting projects, to keep shopping lists or just record my day. If I'd had it with me this morning the first entry in it would read:
"Bank appt @ 10:00am - not 10:30 like they tried to say! Tried on most perfect, high, grey, ankle strap shoes - didn't fit. V. bad. Even shop assistant said it was a shame!"


  1. I love this Julie. I think I'm going to have to start doing things that look pretty but don't take ages to photograph! I'm so trying this for my next project :)

  2. Great idea Julie and I love that fabric so it's a nice way to show it off. Shame about the shoes a feeling I know well this week - were they a 3 or 4?

  3. Oh what a fab little book... got me racking my brain about all those scraps of fabric I have secreted away here and there. Would make lovely presents.

  4. The shoe shop's loss is the creative world's gain. Love the notebook + that it's refillable when you've used it all up (or would that be a good excuse just to buy new fabric?)

    Also, am hoping the bank appointment and said shoe purchase were not linked in any way?!


  5. Julie this is gorgeous, I'm gonna have to make me one of these lovelies.

  6. A girl can never have too many pretty notebooks - as this demonstrates. Beautfiful beautifulness. x

  7. what a fabulous note book ... how clever of you. I've got the perfect bit of fabric to give this a go ... thank you :)

  8. I love that fabric so it's a nice way to show it off.its seems very much pretty thanks for sharing.

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