Saturday, 1 August 2009

Consider this an aperitif.

As I type, Shimelle's blog party is going on over at

I'm in the delightful postition of having the project I've created for it being wedged between the projects of two of my best girls: Kirsty and Hannah.

Kirsty, my Copy + Paste blog-wife [that's the first and possibly last time I'm going to be allowed to refer to her as that!!! ;)] has already posted her project here. And, if you want a stylish and creative way to store all your unboxed CDs etc you MUST go and have a look at it!

My own project will be up on here tomorrow morning and then, tomorrow evening Hannah's will magically appear on her new blog This is Hannah:

After mentioning to her that I'd never used Alcohol Inks she kindly invited me round to her house to have a play with some.
Teaching a hard to amuse, fidgety student was a bit of a busman's holiday for Hannah ...but she tolerated me and my drifting-off-task quite well. She only shouted at me demanding I get back to work that one time ....

Under her tuition I managed to produce this little lot:

In a day of 'firsts' I was even initiated into the delights of embossing foil and cutting acrylic using the Big Shot machine. Never let it be said I only made friends with her in order to gain access to her well stocked craft room ...

Speaking of craft rooms ....this was what mine has looked like for the past few weeks:

The stash overhaul began as one of those moments where you think: 'I really must tidy out that box' ...which leads to 'now that one needs sorting' ....'oh and I'll have to get that out of that cupboard' ...and 'that one'. And then you get what I had here last week:

A 25cm square amount of clear space in which to sit and sort out your entire collection of crafting supplies!

And even if the location of this tiny oasis means that once you've seated yourself [in an essentially yogic position] you end up hunched beneath your own desk .... then tough luck ....beggars can't be choosers ...that room needs tidying!

It did get tidied. Eventually. It was sorted and sifted, some wound up in the recycling, some in a charity bag and some I swapped with Hannah and Kirsty.

But then, over the next few days like some kind of monster that can't allow itself to lose weight, it managed to fill itself back up!!!! The very next day Hannah's Mum [], who knows how my eyes light up at the thought of looking through someone else's 'junk' pile, gave me a huge bag of paper scraps. The day after that my Gauche Alchemy kit was delivered and Kirsty's swap parcel is winging it's way to me and will land on my doorstep on Monday!

Let's face it, I'm never going to have one of those pristine workrooms. I don't even think I'd want one. Just give me something in between 'obsessive-compulsively, creativity stifling tidiness' and 'complete and utter debilitating chaos' ... and if I can mainly be seated on a chair at a desk, as opposed to folding myself up beneath one ... then I'll be a happy scrapper.

I'll see you tomorrow with my Shimelle blog party project in tow.



  1. oo I recognise that room, its a lot of fun to go play over there.

    I also recognise your craft room, not that I have been there but it looks all too similar to mine. I am often reduced to working on my knee as the table is full, and when all the bags and boxes meet you at the door you know its time for a tidy up.

  2. How are you coping with your new stash? You poor thing. It must be so difficult x

  3. Now this is a CRAFT room but I can see a little space near the desk that could be filled? or do you have some plans


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