Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Laminated accessories

Last September I posted a Laminated Paper Belt tutorial on the Banana Frog blog in which I mentioned that the prototype for the belt had been a smaller, more wrist-sized project and here it is. Made entirely from paper scraps scavenged from Hannah's 'bit box' the graphic circular designs of my focal points came from a vintage decorative dust jacket.

I also made sure the insides looked attractive too. Perhaps this was because I liked the idea of things being beautiful from all angles; perhaps because I thought I might like to have it on display rather than wear it all the time; perhaps because I've got skinny wrists and I knew you'd be able to see the inside even when I was wearing it. Perhaps.
I never entirely feel that a project is complete until I've added some text: A few border stamps, a laminating pouch, a snippet of ribbon and a press-stud later I had a finished piece:

*If you'd like a PDF of the Banana Frog belt tutorial, which covers all the key techniques I used to make the bracelet, I've made one available for you to download *here*.

Combining items of stationary with patterned paper ... to make jewellery? What's not to try??

J :)


  1. Fab idea, you're so creative

    ps verification word is boozymen I think that's sexist why can't us women be boozy?

  2. Does it scratch or snag on stuff?

  3. Thanks Jan - I think Jean's Christmas party proved we can be boozy too!

    Hi Joyce - I deliberately made this cuff slightly larger than my wrist just in case it did dig in. As such it's pretty much like any other braclet. It doesn't seem to catch - as long as the edge is smooth with no little pieces of plastic sticking up it seems fine. :)


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