Friday, 5 February 2010

Stripey. Stripier. Stripiest.

Stripe. Stripes. Stripey. Striped. Stripier.

When you've written those words as many times as I have today you begin to doubt your grasp of the English language. They are the right words aren't they? Even if they just look like nonsense to me now?

So, I'm having a stripey week this week and have been seeking out, photographing and uploading lots of striped items to my
Chasing Patterns Flickr set :
Stripey. Stripier. Stripiest.

After spending a day surrounded by it all I think we can add eye-ball-dazzling-optical-illusion-inducing to the list of stripy side-effects!

Two things I've learned from the exercise:
  1. I have a lot of stripes in my wardrobe. A lot.
  2. The designers at Gap must like stripes almost as much as I do [or they may just see me coming and add another striped T-shirt to their ranges].

Furthermore ... this stripe census is incomplete but I simply couldn't face digging out every striped scarf and pair of socks and pants I have!! Another time maybe.

Early in the week I posted this stripey, recycled carrier bag, brooch project to my Copy + Paste blog as part of the latest challenge:

8. Plastic Bags 'Jack Wills' rosette

Drop by Copy+Paste for more photos and details.

Ok then, I'll leave you to it while I grab a cuppa and put my stripey Vans up.

Stripey? Stripey? Str-i-p-ey??? Is that even a word???

;) Julie


  1. Stripey is just one of those words that never looks right :)And if it's stripes you're after you should come to my house I can't tell you how many blue stripey shirts my other half owns.

  2. Stripey Vans? Really? Lemme see...

  3. Another stripey fan here. Gorgeous series of photos! Is there a verb?
    x alexa

  4. You cannot have too many stripes... can you?! At least that's what I asked myself the other day when I noticed EVERY item in my ironing pile was striped.

    I'm beginning to see what you mean about the 'stripe' word. It does look a little odd the more you see it.

  5. Had a witty comment in mind, but got distracted by your Twitters on the sidebar and have completely forgotten it. Ah well!


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