Monday, 8 February 2010

Quote: Everything I Learned ...

Everything I learned about human nature,
I learned from me.

Anton Chekov

Photo: Me. Writing in the sea-coal. Seaton Carew beach. 02.08.08


  1. Oooh, know it wel! This takes me back ... first beach near his home that DH took me to! Glad to see this was taken in August - at first glance, I thought "She can't be out in bare feet in February!". x alexa

  2. Another great photo/quote combo!! I never knew that stuff was called sea-coal.

    Thanks for the GA post, you did a lovely job of it! Think my DH felt a little chastened by one of my answers.. he was extra sweet and supportive tonight ;o)

  3. Thats a beautiful quote, your photo is perfect. I think I'm going to use that quote myself! Thanks for the inspiration x


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